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Japanese beauty tip – Natural Facelift with Ultrasonic Facial Massage Device

T i p !

Make sure you try a Japanese facial if you are here in Tokyo!

ultrasonic facial
This little machine gives ultrasonic wave treatment which vibrates 3,000,000 times per second, so essentially it’s like a natural mini-facelift.


I just experienced this for the first time yesterday.

I’ve been feeling so tired lately and feel like I need to start a new beauty regime.

The beautician said I can do it about 5-10 min every day to give my skin lift and bounce, and also helps to prevent wrinkles. Yes please!! ‪

That night I actually bought one!

Click here to see the beauty shop called “MoteBeauty” on Rakuten Global Market that I bought it from.

I got the EBiS Twin Elenizer PRO II (will post about it when it arrives!).

This shop does international shipping and are super popular, so if you live overseas and looking for a Japanese natural facelift device, try this!

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2 thoughts on “Japanese beauty tip – Natural Facelift with Ultrasonic Facial Massage Device

  1. talya says:

    Dear kate,
    I really enjoy reading your updates from Japan.

    In one of them I read you reccomend “Ebis Twin Elenizer Pro”. But it was a while ago. I am considering buying it. Is it still working for you? Is it really effective for face lift? Thank you for your answer.

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Talya, thank you for your message. I am still using the Ebis device, but I did find that it wasn’t as effective as the device that was used in the beauty salon. Although I think the beauty salon was using a super special device that costs ALOT more money! The Ebis is more affordable and is a device that is easy to use in the home. I think the biggest benefit for my skin with the Ebis is that it stimulates the circulation in my skin – I often feel tired and after wearing makeup every day, I sometimes feel like my skin needs a fresh lift up. Kind of like a wake up call to my face! Haha. This is when the Ebis helps as it stimulates the circulation and gives my skin a fresh glow, and also helps my moisturizer to be absorbed more easily. So in conclusion, yes the Ebis is helpful! xoxo

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