Elevators, Members Only, Roppongi Hills

Elevators at Roppongi Station

There are 2 elevators from Roppongi Station, however please note they come from different train lines.

  • Elevator at Hibiya-Line Exit is great for access to Roppongi Hills
    • After you exit the ticket gates, walk straight along the tunnel to Roppongi Hills. You will see an elevator located next to Starbucks¬†in the Metro Hat B1F, which will take you up to Roppongi Hills shopping center on 2nd Floor.
  • Elevator at Oedo-Line Exit is for access to Tokyo Midtown
    • This elevator will take you to street level outside Tokyo Midtown. If you want to go to Roppongi Hills from the Oedo-Line exit, I recommend walking the 15min at street level to Roppongi Hills, because the underground is full of many stairs and escalators which can be hard to navigate with a stroller.

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