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5 Reasons Narita Airport is one of the most baby-friendly airports in the world

Narita Airport is one of the most baby-friendly airports in the world. Here are my 5 reasons why!

This is my latest post on the Japan Travel website.

5 reasons Narita Airport is super baby-friendly:

  1. Baby nursing rooms – there are 36 (!) nursing rooms in Narita Airport (25 in Terminal 1 and 11 in Terminal 2), and all of them are clean and comfortable. Perfect place to nurse your baby and get organised before your flight.
  2. Playgrounds – there are kids playgrounds after passport control in both terminals. Wonderful place for your baby to play and relax before the flight.
  3. Baby products – you can buy essentials such as diapers and baby food at the drug stores.
  4. Free stroller rental – very convenient if you didn’t bring your own. Makes it much easier to zoom around the terminal with your baby.
  5. Super friendly airport staff who are not only happy to help you, but go out of their way to ensure you have a smooth and safe journey.

Here is a list of children’s facilities and services on the Narita Airport website.

Happy travels!

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Narita Airport is one of the most baby-friendly airports in the world

  1. Cherylin Maducdoc says:

    Based to Narita Airport Security Guide :
    Baby food, Breast milk, Nutrition for
    ※Those items are permitted as cabin
    baggage only for customers traveling with
    babys or infants.
    Permitted (only amount
    of necessary in the cabin)
    ※See the additional
    informations as below
    You may be required to show appropriate evidence that carrying those articles on the cabin other than the passport and
    boarding pass. Also to ensure adequate security check, the screener might ask additional security measure which would be
    If those medicines of liquids or gels are in 3.4 ounces (100ml) bottles or less (by volume), 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic and ziptop
    bag, 1 bag per passenger would be allowed to carry on the cabin.

    I will travel with breast milk without my baby, and have a connecting flights to Narita Tokyo. What documents do i need to present to security so that my BM will not be confiscated. Is Doctors Certificate that presenting that im a lactating mother is enough evidence for the. TIA

  2. Carla says:

    hello I liked so much this post , please if you have an opportunity show in more detail , the playground and how works the assistance from the people of the airlines.
    thanks !!!

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