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10 Reasons why the Joolz Geo is the best double stroller

Joolz Geo

Joolz Geo in Ginza, Tokyo. Photo: ROMP Photography

I have been using the Joolz Geo for 2 months now, and I can truly say it is the most amazing stroller! I have used it every day in Tokyo – on trains, buses, taxis, planes, shopping trips, everything! PLUS taken it with us on our vacation in San Francisco. I would be lost without it!

Here are my 10 reasons why I think Joolz Geo is the best double stroller. If you want to see more details of the Joolz Geo, click here to see my demonstration video.

1. Double stroller. Both toddler and baby can ride the Joolz Geo. This is fantastic, as toddlers usually still take daytime naps and they easily get tired when out and about in Tokyo. Since I started using the Joolz Geo, I find that my toddler and baby will sleep at the same time, which gives me time to have a rest and take a break. This is a very valuable point!

Mummy relaxing with two sleeping babies :-)

Mummy relaxing with two sleeping babies 🙂

2. Easy to fold. The Joolz Geo is really easy to fold. All I need to do is take out the cot, and the main frame folds down very easily. This is a HUGE factor and makes my day much easier. My house is 15min walk from the station, so I often take a taxi when it is raining or too hot to walk. With the Joolz Geo, it is simple to fold down which makes it stress-free and easy.

Easy to fold

Joolz Geo folded down and ready to catch the taxi.

3. Good balance. The Joolz Geo is very compact for a double stroller, and the weight is distributed very evenly. Even when I am walking down a steep hill, which is common in Tokyo as it can be quite hilly, I still feel comfortable and feel that I have control over the stroller.

4. Stable. I have heard that some double strollers tend to fall backwards when the toddler gets out of the front seat. This is dangerous if the baby is in the back cot! In my experience of using the Joolz Geo every day in all types of situations, it has never fallen backwards, even when my toddler gets out.

Joolz Geo at the convenience store in Tokyo

Joolz Geo at the convenience store in Tokyo

5. Easy to steer. With the air-filled tyres and easy manoeuvrability, it is easy to steer the Joolz Geo through the streets of Tokyo and on public transport.

6. Narrow. The Joolz Geo is much narrower than other double strollers (the width of the Joolz Geo is 60cm). This makes it easy to catch trains, buses, and walk down the aisle in convenience stores or supermarkets.

Joolz Geo - fits easily down supermarket aisles in Japan

Joolz Geo – fits easily down supermarket aisles in Japan

7. Baby cot. It is super important for a newborn baby to be able to lie flat in a stroller. I think this is a really unique feature of the Joolz Geo. Since I started using the Joolz Geo, my newborn baby has been very happy in the baby cot and she sleeps very well. I also love it that the baby cot can be taken out and used as a bassinet. I often do this at home, at cafes or at the park – I can sit the bassinet next to me, which lets me keep an eye on my baby while also look after my toddler.

Using the Joolz Geo baby cot as a bassinet at the cafe.

Using the Joolz Geo baby cot as a bassinet at the cafe.

8. Changing nappies. Another great feature is that it is possible to change nappies of my newborn baby in the baby cot. This is really a big factor when traveling around Tokyo (and overseas). It means that I can change my baby’s nappy at anytime! Newborn babies require frequent nappy changes, however with a toddler I cannot always go to a nursing room to change her nappy. By having the baby cot, it means I can quickly changer her nappy outside anytime while also looking after my toddler.

9. Weight. The Joolz Geo is light weight for a double stroller. This makes it easier to lift, which is important if I need to carry the pram up stairs or if I need to lift it into the back of the taxi.

10. Options. I really think the Joolz Geo is fantastic with all the options that it offers. You can use the pram with your first newborn baby, toddler, twins, second baby and toddler. There is also a shopping basket that you can put underneath! This wide range of options is very unique, as you can use the Joolz Geo from first baby to second baby, and onto toddlerhood, which could be about 8-10 years or more depending on how close in age your children are. Furthermore there are accessories including baby bag, drink holder, umbrella, and rain cover. Excellent performance!

Joolz Geo photo shoot. Photo: ROMP Photography

Joolz Geo in Ginza, Tokyo. Photo: ROMP Photography


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17 thoughts on “10 Reasons why the Joolz Geo is the best double stroller

  1. Caroline says:

    What color is your Joolz Geo?
    Kind regards

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Caroline! It is “Rocky grey”. It’s actually like a khaki colour. Kind regards, Kate

  2. Caroline says:

    Perfect, thanks for your answer Kate!

  3. Marisol says:

    Is there a store in Yokohama/Tokyo where I can purchase accessories for the Joolz

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Marisol, There is a map of retailers on the Joolz website. Type in “Tokyo” or “Yokohama” and adjust the zoom button, and you will see the retail stores that sell Joolz strollers and accessories in Tokyo and Yokohama. The accessories are also sold online through Entre Square

  4. Susan says:

    Hi Kate,
    Thanks for your review. I have been looking forward to the Geos release for quite sometime! I am wondering if your baby is now in the toddler seat, and how are you finding the Geo using the two seats (rather than seat and bassinet). I am a massive fan of the Joolz pram and was very sad when I sold mine as my second came along and I needed a double pram. Now the Geo is out I hope to go back to the Joolz. Thanks Susan

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Susan, thanks for your message! my baby is now using the toddler seat. I changed her to the toddler seat when she was about 5 months old (she was starting to turn over and sit up, so it was time to change to the toddler seat so I could strap her into the seatbelt!). Everything is going great – I still find the Joolz Geo very stable and easy to manoeuvre, even with two toddler seats. I’d be lost without it! xx Kate

  5. Tiago says:

    Dear Kate,
    I just found out your blog!
    Thanks for the review about Geo.
    What is the age difference between your two sons?
    I’m finding difficult to make up my mind between the Geo and the Day. What are your thoughts on that subject?
    Kind regards,

  6. Kerri says:

    I’m also trying to decide between the Day and Geo for my first baby (knowing that I plan to have a second). Do u know if the Geo a lot heavier than the Day?

  7. Blair says:


    I’m in Tokyo and I need to buy a cheap umbrella stroller for the remainder of our trip. My 5 year old needs a break in the afternoon so we need something for him to sit in while we walk around. We looked all over shibuya and harajuku yesterday. It can be something cheap. Like the $20 umbrella strollers you can buy at Target in the states.

    My friend recommended a store in Gotanda, but I think they only sell high end.

    Thank you,

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Blair, thanks for your message! Just sending you a quick reply. I agree with your friend – the best chance to buy a cheap stroller would be in Akachan Honpo in Gotanda.

      Here are the details on this link:

      There is also a Babies-R-Us in Odaiba which may have what you are looking for.

      Hope this helps!

      xx Kate

  8. Lisa says:

    Hi! Thanks for your review of the Joolz Geo. It looks like it has really met your needs well!
    I gather that in duo mode there is no storage basket & am trying to figure out whether this is a ‘deal breaker’ for me (we are expecting first child but keen on a pram/stroller option which could accommodate a second child soon…).
    Just wondering how you find the storage?
    I see that you are using the Joolz nappy bag on the handle – does it cause any trouble by knocking in to the lower bassinet/seat or your legs?
    Have you used the side pack?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Lisa! Thank you for your message! I had been meaning to post about the side bags and your email reminded me:)! So I just posted about my Top 3 reasons to get the Joolz Geo side bags:

      The baby bag on the back doesn’t knock into my legs thank goodness. I am 173cm tall and luckily the Joolz is designed in the Netherlands so it is naturally designed for tall people with the extendable handle.

      Hope this helps!!

      Congratulations on your new baby and let me know if you have any questions. I think it would be awesome to have the Joolz Geo right from the first baby, as then you can use all the different seats and accessories. You’ll be able to enjoy the baby bassinet on top with storage underneath, then toddler on top seat with baby in bassinet underneath and side bags, then your baby can use the sitting seat underneath, and then when your toddler is happy to walk your baby can sit in the top seat and you can use the storage underneath again!

      Xx Kate

  9. Joanna Kelly says:

    Hi! We’re traveling to Tokyo in October with a 1 and 2 year old. Was worried about the pram situation but we have the Geo Duo too so this is reassuring that it won’t be too troublesome.

    In the pics though it looks like you have an extended bit on the canopy of your top seat. That’s great as it’s my only criticism of the Geo that it doesn’t come down lower. Is that a joolz specific product because I can’t see it on the joolz Australia website… where did you get it from if you don’t mind me asking?

    Loving your tips! Thanks

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Joanna! Thank you for your message! The canopy came as an accessory when I got the Joolz Geo (it is a Joolz Geo specific product). I haven’t seen it in Tokyo, but I think it is available online! xoxo Kate

  10. Anika says:

    Hi Kate!

    I wonder how the Joolz is performing with Tokyo‘s hot weather.
    Isn’t it dangerous for a small baby lying so near to the hot asphalt?
    We are planning #2 and I wonder if I should get a double stroller or just use the old one and carry the baby when toddler needs a break.

    1. Kate says:

      HI Anika, I used both the double stroller and my baby carrier when my kids were babies. My second baby often wanted me to carry her, so I would carry her and then when she fell asleep, I would put her in the baby seat underneath the stroller. I didn’t walk around much in the hot weather (because it is too hot and humid in Tokyo), but I did spend alot of time in the department stores where it is cooler (air conditioning). I hope this helps! Best wishes, Kate

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