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Joolz Geo double stroller demo

Did you buy a double stroller when you had your second baby?

Since my second baby was born, I have found it really hard to get around Tokyo with two children. I LOVE my Joolz Day Tokyo stroller, but I did find some challenges when I suddenly had two sleeping babies in my arms!

I tried everything! Including:

  • I tried putting my newborn baby in the baby cot and my toddler on the footboard, which was great until my toddler fell asleep! He is too big to put in the baby cot, so there were often times that I had to pick him up and hold him while he slept (which is not easy as he weighs 18kg) while pushing my newborn in the baby cot. My toddler was way too heavy, so I had to sit down on a seat while I waited for him to wake up.
  • I also tried using the seat in the Joolz Day Tokyo (instead of the baby cot), so my kids could share it – I could put my newborn baby in there for most of the time, and then put my toddler in there when he fell asleep and carry my newborn baby in a sling. This worked well except that I had terrible back pain from carrying my baby, and also I had issues with my toddler having tantrums as he wanted to sit in the seat all day and didn’t want to share with his little sister!

So you can imagine I was SUPER excited when Joolz sent me the new Joolz Geo double stroller. The Geo has not been launched in Japan yet, so it was extremely kind of the Joolz team to let me try it out. Thank you so much Adriaan and everyone at Joolz!

See video below for how to set up the Joolz Geo, including all the fabulous options. It is actually perfect for first baby as well as second baby and onto toddlerhood, as the Joolz Geo has baby cots as well as regular seats and a shopping basket underneath, so there are endless options to make you and your children happy.

Here is a demo for setting up the stroller for toddler and baby duo!

Joolz Geo - lots of options!

Joolz Geo – lots of options!

Joolz Geo - fits easily down supermarket aisles in Japan

Joolz Geo – fits easily down supermarket aisles in Japan

Joolz Geo - ready for taxi

Joolz Geo – ready to catch the taxi! Folds down into main frame with seat, and baby cot separate.

Joolz geo - sleeping babies

Joolz Geo – big benefit is when you have two sleeping babies! Happy mummy 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Joolz Geo double stroller demo

  1. Susanne says:

    Hi Kate,
    Good to know that Joolz also constructed a good double-stroller!
    I had the same problem as you – our daughter was just 2 when baby Ben was born and her standing just on the board was too scary for me through all of Tokyo! I finally found the Phil&Ted’s sport edition, which also converts to two seats for both children later : )
    Am v. happy going around Tokyo with that!
    Let me/your readers know how the Joolz double is handling!
    Best regards,

    1. Kate says:

      Thanks Susanne! I’m in the US for vacation and loving the Joolz Geo. It’s been great for traveling with two young children! I hope the Phil and Teds has been going well for you too! xx Kate

  2. Hi Kate,

    I’m really happy that you enjoy so much all the hard design work that has been put in!
    As the designer off the GEO I hoped to reach out to all the needs of parents like you. As a father of 3 boy’s (6- 9 -17) I know what it is to have good means off transportation that also look super!
    I hope you will enjoy my design and have nice rides.

    All the best,
    Stan Spangenberg
    IDP | Amsterdam

    1. Kate says:

      Thank you for your message Stan! It’s great to meet you! I can imagine all the work that must have gone into the design. It is really beautiful. Nearly everyday people on the street ask me where I got my stroller (both in Tokyo and during my vacation in San Francisco). I hope to see more Geo’s on the streets in the near future :-)! Thank you! Kind regards, Kate

  3. Elizabeth Tooth says:

    Our daughter bought a Joolz pram/ pushchair the year before last and is expecting another one. Is it possible to convert what she has into a double as it would be such a waste not to use it. Elizabeth Tooth

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your message. To my knowledge the Joolz Day single prams can’t be converted into a double. It’s a great question though – you could email Joolz and ask them!

  4. Sara Jackson says:

    Hi Kate, just wondering if the cot converts into a seat when you have 2 toddlers?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Sara!

      Yes the Geo comes with 3 types of seats/attachments for the underneath section:

      1. Baby cot

      2. Seat with adjustable back rest so your toddler can sit up

      3. Shopping basket

      You can change each depending on what you need and as your children grow older.

      Hope this helps and Happy New Year!

      xx Kate

      1. Sara says:

        Thanks Kate.
        I have a baby jogger and am considering selling it and getting the Joolz but wanted to make sure that it would work with two toddlers.
        Thanks again xx

  5. Rose says:

    Hi Kate

    I am torn between the joolz day and the joolz geo.

    I am expecting my first baby in April so I am new to all of this.

    I love the suspension & that the joolz day is light but I find it difficult to fold with the seat unit attached & the basket is small.

    The joolz geo is easier to fold but I found it heavier to push and the suspension wasn’t as good.

    Saying as you have had both prams, which would you recommend?

    The fact that one turns into a double doesn’t really matter to me.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Xx

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Rose! Thank you for your email. That’s exciting that you’re thinking to get a Joolz!

      Here are some points to consider:

      – how much walking you will do – the Joolz Day definitely has beautiful suspension and easy to walk. Especially if you are walking long distances.

      – how much shopping you plan to do (groceries etc) with your baby – the Joolz Geo can fit a large amount of shopping underneath. The Joolz Day also has a shopping net if you need, which is definitely handy, but can tend to tip backwards if you put too much heavy shopping in the net. In contrast the Joolz Geo is designed to carry heavy items or a toddler underneath, so it doesn’t tip backwards.

      – will you be walking around smaller streets in your city – Joolz Geo is more streamlined and can be easier to walk in the city and get on crowded trains etc., but I must say Joolz Day is easier to get ON and off the trains due to the suspension, especially if their is a big gap between the train and the platform. The Joolz Day glides easily over big gaps.

      I love both prams for different reasons. It definitely depends on what you do in your day to day lifestyle.

      Hope this helps!

      xx Kate

  6. Emilia says:

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for the video. I’ve been trying find more reviews of the newborn aspect of this pram.

    – Does the baby cot have safety harness attached to keep baby secure?
    – Also, is it difficult to take baby in and out of the baby cot? I’m worried that it is so close to the ground.
    – Can the toddler seat be parent facing?

    Would appreciate your thoughts!

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Emilia, thank you for your message! 1. The baby cot doesn’t have a safety belt. 2. Once you get used to it, it is relatively easy to put baby in and out. 3. Yes the toddler seat can be parent facing, but this is not possible if you have your newborn baby underneath. Hope this helps!

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