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7 Basic Steps for 3rd Trimester Checkup – Pregnant in Japan

Are you pregnant in Japan? Are you wondering what the checkup procedure is for 3rd Trimester? I remember when I was pregnant with my first baby I had no idea what to expect, so hope this video post helps all the first-time mums out there!

Checkups in 3rd trimester will involve the following routine tests and measurements (every 2 weeks):

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Body weight
  3. Urine test
  4. Size of uterus – circumference and length
  5. Heart beat of baby (checked with a Doppler by the midwife)
  6. Check for any signs of swelling in ankles and feet
  7. Ultrasound

The midwife will also ask general questions such as how are you feeling, has the baby been moving, etc.

For more information, including costs of the checkups, see my posts on the Tokyo Pregnancy Group from my first pregnancy:)

Midwife measuring uterus

Midwife measuring uterus

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