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Traveling in Osaka and Kyoto with a baby

I received an email from a reader about traveling to Osaka and Kyoto with a baby. I haven’t experienced Kansai with children, so I asked Fran Ishido who has a wonderful blog called “Fran-Japani” about living in Osaka with her baby boy. Here is Fran’s answer below! Thanks Fran!


Hi Kate,
I’m planning to travel to Osaka & Kyoto in between Apr/May and planning to bring along my 6 months old baby as I’m a exclusive breastfeeding.

While browsing on the internet, I found your page. I’m very impressed with all the useful information & sharing for mummies about traveling in Tokyo with little one.

Not sure if you have experience traveling to Osaka/Kyoto with your baby and mind to share with me? I couldn’t find much info about traveling in other parts of Japan with baby on the internet. I will be very grateful if you or other mummies in this page could share with me more info about traveling with my 6 months old in Osaka/Kyoto. I’m really concern about the airport transfer (from Osaka to Kyoto), accommodation, subway and the city tour (is it convenience to use a stroller? breastfeeding/ nursing room?)


Answer from Fran:

  • Airport transfer – Travelling from KIX (Kansai international airport) to Osaka city is very easy. You can take a bus (called limousine bus) or a train (Nankai line). Information including timetables and prices for the limousine bus can be found here and the trains here
  • Airport facilities – In the airport there are various facilities for mothers and children including nursing rooms and places to play. You can read about the facilities here
  • Breastfeeding – In Osaka city there are lots of places to nurse baby and get things you need. I wrote about that on my blog here. Most train stations have large toilets for disabled persons where you can change baby and possibly feed him/her if there are no other options available. But some mothers use breastfeeding covers and feed their babies in restaurants or parks too!
  • Stroller – Travelling around Osaka/Kyoto with a large stroller could be difficult if you plan to use trains and buses, so if you have a portable fold-up stroller that would be easier. If you want to buy one here, you can find one at Toys R Us (located in Namba) or Akachan Honpo (in Honmachi) for around 3000yen for a very cheap one. Ideally if you have a baby carrier/sling like an Ergo, you will find getting around much easier I think.
  • Buying train tickets – Here is the official transportation website with lots of information on how to buy train tickets etc.


Thanks so much Fran! Hope we can meet soon!

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Fran Ishido’s blog about living in Osaka with her baby

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6 thoughts on “Traveling in Osaka and Kyoto with a baby

  1. Adriana says:


    How do I access Fran’s blog?


  2. Adriana says:

    Hi, I just moved to Kobe and have a 6 month old baby, and would love to read Frans Blog but it says you have to be invited. How can I access?
    Thank you for the useful tips and information!!!

  3. Babs says:

    Hi Kate, I’m also wanting to get in touch with Fran. I loved her posts about Japanese nappies and want to revisit. Do you have a contact email? Thanks.

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Babs, I contacted Fran and she said currently due to other work commitments she has taken her blog offline. Hopefully she will make it available online again soon. Such a great resource! xx Kate

  4. Kelly says:

    I’m heading to kyoto and osaka next week! Would need information of nursing room or family room around there. TIA

    1. Kate says:

      HI Kelly! I haven’t been to Osaka or Kyoto with my babies yet. I hope to go there soon! I have heard there are nursing rooms at the airport and in the department stores in both cities. In the department stores there is usually an information desk where you can ask. Hope you have a great trip!

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