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Joolz stroller on the train in Tokyo

Joolz makes our life much easier (and safer!) catching the trains in Tokyo. The big tyres, and the width between the front and back wheels, really helps with getting over the big gaps between the train and the platforms in Tokyo, especially at stations like Roppongi Station. When I started using the Joolz in April last year, this was the first thing I noticed – it felt so safe and easy to maneuver compared to the smaller pram I had been using.

See video here:

IMG_6463 sm IMG_6542 sm


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2 thoughts on “Joolz stroller on the train in Tokyo

  1. Rebecca says:

    I am looking at selling my city select and getting a stroller more Japan friendly. How is this getting through regular ticket booths? My city select is far too wide so I always have to use the extra wide spaces

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Rebecca! The Joolz also doesn’t fit through the regular ticket booths. I need to take it through the wider ones:) Kate

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