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Enjoy a day with baby in Toyosu

Here is a wonderful day trip with baby to Toyosu by guest blogger Elise Majewski. Thank you Elise!!

Day Trip Summary – walk in the park, lunch in Cafe Haus, shopping in Lalaport and take back home a delicious cake from Semailles!

1. Toyosu station, exit Lalaport. With stroller, take the Toyosueki Mae Exit #7.


2. Walk in Toyosu park, great playground even for 11-month baby


3. Lunch in Cafe Haus ( same brand as Ark Hilks Cafe in Roppongi Itchome)

  • Menu in Japanese but dishes are displayed at the entrance.
  • Baby friendly, two kind of high chairs (wood or Babybjorn)
  • Terrace when the weather is good
  • Children can borrow some toys/games





3. Lalaport

Diaper change available in ladies restroom and the nursing room (2F)



Ladies room



Even a kid’s restroom


Baby can enjoy a playground, small but she had a lot of fun.


And once baby is napping, it’s shopping time!!

For baby/ child clothes:

  • Daddy oh Daddy
  • Après les cours
  • Êàb
  • Grin8 (from GreenLabelRelaxing)
  • Lagoon (from SM2)
  • Uniqlo
  • Muji
  • Gap
  • For baby/child shoes
  • Abc mart
  • Sport plaza where you can confirm the good shoe size with plastic clear sneakers ( sooooo useful)


For toys/ decoration:

  • Grandpapa
  • Lego
  • And always a visit at Daiso, the 100yen shop.


4. On the way back home, a treat with a cake from Semailles (near VivaHome)




Thank you so much Elise! I’ve been wanting to visit Toyosu in such a long time and have heard rave reviews about Cafe Haus. Can’t wait to go there!

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