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2013 Most Popular Baby Names in Japan

Japanese baby names are popular around the world, not only for babies with Japanese origins but also for parents looking for something different and unique for their baby. To help with choosing a name, here are the Top 10 Baby Names for boys and girls in Japan in 2013!


  1. Hiroto (大翔)- means to soar, to fly
  2. Ren(蓮)- means lotus
  3. Yuuma(悠真)- means truth and genuineness
  4. Minato(湊)- means harbour, port
  5. Haruto(陽斗) – means the sun, sunshine, the Big Dipper (a constellation)
  6. Shouta(翔太)- means to soar, to fly, great, excellent
  7. Yuuto(悠斗)- permanence, the Big Dipper (a constellation)
  8. Haruto(陽翔)- means the sun, sunshine, to soar, to fly
  9. Souma(颯真)- means nifty, true, authentic
  10. Souta (颯太)- means smoothly, great, excellent
  11. Hinata(陽向)- means facing the sun


  1. Yuina(結菜)- means to tie the knot, vegetables
  2. Hina(陽菜)- means the sun, sunshine, vegetables
  3. Aoi(葵)- means hollyhock (plant/flower)
  4. Yua(結愛)- means to tie the knot, love, affection
  5. Yui(結衣)- means to tie the knot, clothes
  6. Rin(凛)- means dignified, cool
  7. Airi(愛莉)- means love, affection, jasmine
  8. Koharu(心春)- means heart, spirit, soul, Spring
  9. Airi(愛梨)- means love, affection, pear
  10. Mei(芽依)means the bud, to rely on
2013 most popular baby names

Source: Benesse (上位10位までのランキング)


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