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Photo from last year’s winner of 7 A.M.Enfant Giveaway!

Lovely photo & message from Tina, the winner of the 7 A.M. ENFANT Handmuffs Giveaway last year!

“Sorry it took so long for me to send! Last year I was fortunate to win these great hand muffs, but since baby was born March, we didn’t get to use until now. Today we’re headed to a relatives for holiday dinner. Dad is the stroller driver & he loves the muffs too!! Thanks again to Tokyo Urban Baby & 7A.M.Enfant!! I love the brand so much, we bought the Pookie Poncho for the winter!”

Thanks so much Tina! So glad you love 7A.M.Enfant! Merry Christmas!

Winner of giveawayo from

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