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My sister’s super cute photos & blog post from the Joolz Product Launch in Australia

A couple of weeks ago Joolz invited me to their new product launch in Sydney, and while I would have loved to have gone (I had just been in Australia a few weeks ago!), I had unfortunately already returned to Tokyo. So I asked my sister if she could go and take some pics for Tokyo Urban Baby, and to my delight she said yes! Thank you so much Erin! Here is Erin’s blog post and photos. Lots like so much fun!


Joolz Product Launch, Joolz Day Earth Collection

It’s been eight years since I was in need of a pram, so when Kate asked me to attend the Joolz pram product launch in Sydney on her behalf, I was excited to see what was available in today’s market.

I soon discovered that transporting your child from A to B needn’t be a mundane chore if the prams from Joolz are anything to go by. Ingenious ergonomic design coupled with thoughtful details and beautiful finishes makes pushing bambino not only an effortless and enjoyable event, but a stylish one too.


The Joolz Product Launch was held at Grandma’s Little Bakery in Alexandria.


Below, Joolz offer a fantastic Product Magazine so you’ll know as much about your pram as they do!

IMG_2309 IMG_2315 IMG_2310

Above, all the product photos had been downloaded onto these cute memory sticks.


Above and below is their Joolz Day Studio range. Tres chic.



This pram above was my favourite! The entire seat is made of mesh! The unique design gives full ventilation for your baby’s capsule. Complete with leather handle and bar. Very clever. Very cool.


Here’s Adriaan, Sales & Marketing Manager Asia/Pacific from Amsterdam, and no, I’m not tintsy, he’s Gi-normous!! Very sweet of him to make the long journey down under, highlighting his vision and passion for the Joolz brand.


The afternoon tea was something else! I had a lemon tart and latte which were both excellent. Unfortunately for me, I had to leave as soon as the presentation was over to pick up my monkeys from school. Otherwise, I would have spent the rest of the afternoon working my way through the treats pictured, ha.



Every element of the Joolz experience is thoughtfully designed. Here are some of the cardboard craft ideas you can create with your left over pram packaging. Sooo cute!!!

The Joolz brand has seen a steady growth in sales since its first pram was produced six years ago. They recently surpassed their main rival, Bugaboo, in their mutual hometown, the Netherlands.

The company’s main source of pride however, is their living well philosophy that is
incorporated into every level of the Joolz company. From the organic lunch delivered for headoffice staff to the recycling of pram packaging into fun craft activities for your kids. And, as of January, with every pram purchase registered, Joolz will plant a tree in Columbia in their bid to fight deforestation and climate change.

So, yes, even though there is no imminent newborn arrival at our house, I found myself wanting one, just so I could swan around with a Joolz Day Earth pram!

To see the entire Joolz Day Earth pram collection and their many features and accessories
visit the Joolz website.

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