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Okinawa – Family-friendly local restaurant “Kai” in Motobu Town

Last week we went for a 5-day holiday to Okinawa. It was wonderful! It was our first time to Okinawa – we had always preferred to go overseas as it was often cheaper, however with the weak Japanese yen and the convenience of going somewhere domestically (and therefore no need for passports or changing currency etc), we decided to finally try Okinawa. It was wonderful! Beautiful beaches, super friendly people, and absolutely delicious food.

Here is a video of a wonderful local Izakaya restaurant called “Kai” (“Sea”) in Motobu Town that was recommended by our hotel. Highly recommend it if you are in the area and want to try yummy local cuisine in a family-friendly atmosphere. The staff were so lovely and really helpful with our son. We had a lovely time!

Kai restaurant details:

  • Address in Japanese: 沖縄県国頭郡本部町大浜874-13
  • Address in English: 874-13 Oohama, Motobu-machi, Kinugami-gun, Okinawa
  • PH: 0980-47-5573
  • Website

IMG_8703 IMG_8711

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