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Aqua Birth House – pregnancy checkup and tour

Unfortunately this birth house has now closed (2019/4/30).

My sister-in-law is pregnant with her second baby and is planning to give birth at Aqua Birth House, located in Setagaya-ku in Tokyo. I had heard a lot about this birth house since 2 years ago when I was pregnant, as it is the only place that offers water birth in Tokyo, AND the owner speaks fluent English. My sister-in-law is going there for her regular prenatal checkups, so she kindly let me interview her and arranged for a tour by the midwives! Thank you Izumi!

Aqua Birth House:

  • Natural birth and water birth available
  • Owner (midwife) speaks English
  • Fantastic birth house if you are looking for a natural birth
  • LOTS of birth plans and options available
  • Father can cut the chord and play an active part in the birth (children can also participate)
  • After birth, mother and baby (and family if you wish) can stay in the family room on 3rd Floor for 5 days (4 nights)
  • Food is Japanese style, however they are able to cater to your individual needs if you have special requirements
  • Clinic (hospital) is arranged in advance in case of emergency (if there is an emergency or your birth is overdue, you will be transferred to the clinic)
  • For more information see website!

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2 thoughts on “Aqua Birth House – pregnancy checkup and tour

  1. Lorena says:

    HI 🙂
    I saw this great video about the aqua birth house and always thought i will definitely go there for my second pregnancy… but i called today and they told me that they stoped the birth there since last year. I am so desapointed !
    Would you know another place like that in tokyo ?
    Thank you for such a great web side 🙂

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Lorena, such a shame they have closed! I recommend considering Nisseki Hospital in Hiroo – they have water birth and private rooms and I have heard excellent feedback from mothers that they had a very natural experience. xoxo Kate

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