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Tokyo Baby Cafe Natural Mama & Baby Shampoo Gift Set

Last week I was at Tokyo Baby Cafe for filming for the NHK program Tokyo Eye (will be screened on TV on 24th July!) and was so delighted when the cafe owner Okazaki-san came to see us! Okazaki-san is a super busy and very famous momtrepreneur in Tokyo – she started Tokyo Baby Cafe only 3 years ago after the birth of her first baby, and since then the cafe has become one of the hottest baby cafes in Tokyo. It is in a wonderful location near the luxurious Omotesando Hills, and has everything you could ever dream for in a baby-friendly cafe – safe enclosed baby play area, private nursing rooms, baby change tables, private party rooms, and a wonderful menu of healthy Japanese lunch sets and homemade Japanese baby food. Recently, Okazaki-san has further expanded her business to include not only the cafe, but also mama and baby events, online shop, and her latest invention – the Tokyo Baby Cafe Natural Mama and Baby Shampoo Set! I was SO excited when Okazaki-san gave this to me last week to try out. I LOVE natural baby products and had always wanted to try a natural baby shampoo. So as soon as we got home my son and I immediately unwrapped the gorgeous gift and tried it out! See photos below:)

Key Points:

  • The baby shampoo is especially made for babies and includes all natural ingredients such as honey, organic olive oil, shea butter, and Hirami Lemon from Okinawa
  • All natural ingredients (no ethanol, silivon or paraffin) means it is not only perfect for babies, but it also doesn’t hurt if the shampoo accidentally gets in baby’s eyes
  • Soft against baby’s sensitive skin
  • The bottle has a pump which produces the shampoo as foam, which makes it very easy to apply
  • Available at Tokyo Baby Cafe or through the online shop here!

I have been using the shampoo on my baby for a week now and have already noticed his hair looks more healthy and shiny, and his skin is so soft after using it. I had been applying baby moisturiser to my baby after showering, however the Tokyo Baby Cafe shampoo is already like a natural moisturiser, so I find I don’t need to apply extra moisturiser.

Highly recommend trying the Tokyo Baby Cafe mama and baby shampoo set! It is also perfect as a newborn baby gift!

For a sneak peak at the NHK program photos – see the Tokyo Baby Cafe Facebook page!

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo Baby Cafe Natural Mama & Baby Shampoo Gift Set

  1. Tara says:

    Could you recommend a good baby moisturiser that is for super sensitive skin? We are here in tokyo for 3 weeks and she is so flakey from the winter air. I didnt bring anything from australia and now im kicking myself.

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Tara!

      I recommend going to The Loft or Tokyu Hands store – they usually have a good range of organic Mama & Baby moisturizers.

      Ask at the counter and they can help you.

      The key word is “Baby Lotion” (pronounced Bebii Lo-shon). ベビーローション

      I bought one the other day and it helped immediately for my kids dry skin on their face and body. I bought it in The Loft.

      The big department stores also have baby and kids sections which usually have a selection of baby moisturizers.

      Hope this helps! Hope you had a great Christmas in Japan and Happy New Year!

      Best wishes,

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