Career Mama event update! TODAY!

Our Career Mama event with CA-Monte is on today!

Exciting news! We have a last minute guest speaker joining the panel discussion! Sakura Tanida, owner of the rapidly expanding mama and baby shop Blossom39!
After her first baby was born, Sakura started Blossom39 as an online shop with just one item, and in just 5 years her business has grown to 4 stores in Tokyo and Yokohama. Sakura is mum to two gorgeous children, aged 3 and 5 years old. Sakura has also been a huge supporter of Tokyo Urban Baby both on our blog and at our events. She has also been a wonderful mentor for our online shop. Thank you Sakura!


I’d also like to introduce all the other wonderful speakers on our panel discussion today!

Izumi Kohno, KiANO International

Izumi Kohno is the CEO of KiANO International!

After working at a publishing company for 10 years, Izumi had a baby boy in 2010 and started thinking about having her own business in order to spend more time with her child. In 2011 she established KiANO International Co., Ltd. and started importing children’s educational toys and children’s high quality products from overseas. Izumi is also very proactive in a range of activities to support moms and children. Check out Izumi’s website and online shop here!

Mariko Tanaka, Oshareninp

Mariko Tanaka is the owner of “Oshareninp” urban-chic maternity/nursing clothes online shop! After graduating from Keio University, Mariko was an account executive at Hakuhodo where she gained extensive experience in marketing, branding and PR for global companies such as Cartier, American Express, and UBS wealth management. After the birth of her baby girl, Mariko started her own online shop, “Oshareninp” in December, 2012. See Mariko’s shop here!

Emiko Boylan, Busy Little Bee Tokyo

Emiko Boylan is the creative Artist at Busy Little Bee Tokyo!

Born in Shanghai, Emiko is known for her unique ideas and amazing vitality, always full of surprises. She is always busy doing something! After graduating from Rikkyo University, she continued her art studies in Florence, Italy. Going on to exhibit her work in Paris and other European cities, Emiko established herself as an artist. While furthering her artistic career, Emiko also went to India for an in-depth study of yoga and meditation, incorporating it into her daily life. Her fascination with the human spirit led her to create her own world of abstract representation, culminating in her private exhibit “Innocent Meditation” in 2010 at Omotesando Hills, Tokyo, which in turn led to the start of a collaboration with disabled children. After experiencing the birth of her child and all that motherhood has to offer, she was deeply moved by the sacred bond between mother and child, which lies at the root of human experience, moving her to start her latest project, Busy Little Bee!

Anna-Marie Farrier, Busy Little Bee Tokyo

Anna-Marie Farrier is the Master Chef from Busy Little Bee Tokyo!
Before moving to Tokyo, Anna-Marie was the Owner Chef of “Little Oven”, a French macaron and pastry boutique in Long Island City, New York, which was listed in the New York Times as one of the top 8 macaron establishments in New York City.

Anna-Marie was born and raised in Tokyo, where she began studying French pastry in 1999. After earning her Ph.D. in literature from Princeton, she decided it was time to follow her sweet tooth, with a stint in Paris at the Ecole Ritz Escoffier and studying with the Parisian master of all things “macaron”, Pierre Herme.

Along the way, she has also published an English / Japanese children’s dictionary with Shogakukan, and has worked for many years as a professional translator and interpreter.
Most importantly, she is mommy to Siena, born in 2011! Check out the website here!


Thank you so much to you all for joining the event today!! Looking forward to hearing all about your career mama life in Japan and how you manage to juggle both your business and caring for your beautiful babies:)!


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