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100 Euro Gift Voucher Giveaway from “macarons”!

I think EVERYONE loves the French confection “macarons” – they are not only soft, sweet and delicious, but also come in a such a beautiful range of vibrant colours!!

This indulgent sweet was the inspiration for naming the latest luxury children’s brand that is taking Europe by storm – see our video about macarons here!

macarons” baby clothing brand is the creation of a gorgeous couple Julie and Veit Kohlhoff from Germany. I first came across macarons through the popular blog “Paul et Paula“, and was immediately drawn in by the beautiful natural colours and unique designs. It wasn’t until Julie contacted me recently though that I learned about the wonderful story behind the production and manufacturing. Macarons will be available in Isetan department stores in Japan soon, so Julie had contacted me about the possibility of doing a Giveaway on TUB. While we were chatting on the email, she noticed my bright pink House of Wandering Silk (HOWS) scarf that I am wearing on TUB blog, and when she asked me where it was from, I told her about the wonderful story of the fair-trade and sustainability of HOWS and how gorgeous the colours and patterns are. Julie was so excited as the values and concepts behind the making of HOWS are similar to her brand of baby clothing macarons – so much so that she immediately bought two scarves from HOWS (^^)!

Key features of macarons:

  • All-natural, functional “IQ-Fabric” – boiled double facing fabric with organic fair-trade merino wool on the outside and organic cotton on the inside
  • Unique knitted textiles by master craftsmen from the Swabian Alps in Southern Germany
  • Extremely comfortable and soft against children’s skin
  • Maximizes the children’s freedom of movement
  • The two sides come in contrasting colors which allows for flexibility and individuality – by simply folding or rolling hems and collars you can create a subtle or brighter coloured look
  • Ecological, sustainable and fair-trade manufacturing chain
  • Super-smooth wool comes from South American merino sheep and organic cotton from Tanzania
  • Winner at the 2012 Global Fashion Awards!
  • See lovely interview with the owners Julie and Veit here
  • See video of the latest collection here
  • See online shop here



macarons is giving away a 100 Euro Gift Voucher for their online shop to one lucky winner!!! Don’t miss out!

How to Enter

Step 1: Answer the question – “Which is your favourite baby clothing from the macarons online shop?”. Choose from the designs on the macarons online shop: Write your answer in the “Leave a Reply” section on this post below. Make sure you tell me that you have posted your answer by filling in the Rafflecopter form below. You need to complete the steps in Rafflecopter in order for your entry to be valid.

Step 2: ‘Like’ macarons on Facebook

Entries close: Sunday 7th July 2013

Winner will be announced: Monday 8th July 2013

IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter the Rafflecopter form! I will cross-check everything so I will know who has completed the steps correctly, but please make sure you complete the steps as outlined above, otherwise your entry will be invalid.

If you have any questions, please email me at:

The Giveaway is open internationally!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck!



このスイーツと同じ名前で、最近ヨーロッパで話題をよんでいる子供服ブランド、マカロン – macarons の紹介ビデオを是非ご覧ください!

macarons” 子供服ブランドはドイツ在住のステキな夫婦Julie と Veit Kohlhoffさんが立ち上げました。最初にマカロンを知ったのは、この”Paul et Paula“というブログ。一目見て、その自然な色使いやユニークなデザインに心奪われました。Julieから連絡をもらってはじめて、マカロンの製造にまつわるステキなお話を知ることがdけいました。実はマカロンは、近日日本の伊勢丹で販売開始となります。それにともない、TUBでプレゼント企画が可能かどうか、Julieが問い合わせてくれました。メールで連絡を取り合う中、あるときJulieが、私が身につけていたハウスオブワンダリングシルクのスカーフをどこで買ったのか聞いてきました。私はHOWSはフェアトレード商品だということや、そのデザインや色が鮮やかで美しいことを彼女に伝えました。Julieは、HOWSの価値や、その裏にあるフェアトレードの精神にいたく感銘をうけました。だってそれは、Julieたちの子供服ブランドに通じるものがあったから。彼女はその後、すぐさまHOWSのスカーフを2枚購入したのでした:)!


  • すべてが天然由来で機能的な布 – 表はオーガニックのメリノウール、裏地はオーガニックコットンの1枚の布です。
  • ドイツ南部のシュバーベンアルプスの職人の手で作られるユニークな布地
  • 子供たちにとって、着心地よく肌触りもいい
  • ストレッチ素材で身動きが取りやすい
  • 表と裏地の色やデザインの違いをいかしたオリジナルスタイルが可能 – 袖や裾を無造作におれば、また違った雰囲気を楽しめます
  • エコで地球に優しく、公平な取引の元に商品を提供しています
  • とても肌触りのいい南アメリカのメリノ羊毛とタンザニアのオーガニックコットンを使用
  • 2012年グローバルファッション賞受賞!
  • Julie とVeitへのインタビューは こちら
  • 最新のコレクションはこちら
  • オンラインショップはこちら



マカロンオンラインショップで使える 100ユーロのギフト券 を抽選で1名様にプレゼント!!! お見逃しなく!


Step 1: 質問に答えてください – “マカロンのオンラインショップの商品で、あなたお気に入りの商品はなんですか?”. オンラインショップから選んでください: 質問の答えを“Leave a Reply”でコメントとして記入してください。Rafflecopter入力時に、コメント済みであることを必ずお知らせください。Rafflecopterの入力を行わないと、応募が無効になりますのでご注意ください。

Step 2: Facebookのマカロンページに’いいね’してください。

応募締め切り: 2013年7月7日(日)

結果発表: 2013年7月8日(日)

重要: Rafflecopterへの入力を忘れず行ってください。応募の際は、応募手順に従い、ニュ力漏れのないようご注意ください。応募が無効になることがあります。




a Rafflecopterプレゼント応募



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18 thoughts on “100 Euro Gift Voucher Giveaway from “macarons”!

  1. Izumi says:

    I like the overall olivio it is cute !

  2. Chantal says:

    I like the cardigan Ethan is wearing. I love the gray/green combination. I want the exact same one for Elio!!!!

  3. Sabine says:

    Cardigan Cay for Emile, please!! I love the style and color combinations – so simple and yet so special – and from my home country:)

  4. Joey says:

    Love love love Pullover Paulie! The cardigan looks so soft and snugly on Ethan!

  5. Jordana says:

    I like the Overall Olvio, great for girls or boys…..still don’t know which I’m having yet!! xoxo Jordana

  6. Raluca says:

    I love OVERALL OREL, in both colors!

  7. Adelina Mathews says:

    Love the clothes, especially the Dress Dora for my 4 year-old daughter and T-shirt Theo for my 2-year-old son!

  8. val says:

    the Kleid Dora is cute! 😀

  9. Heide says:

    Great give away, as always!!

  10. The Overall Oki us just gorgeous—I could see having every one in each color. Just looks so breathable & extraordinarily cozy at the same time.

  11. Sherilyn Siy says:

    KLEID DORA – so pretty!

  12. Tina says:

    The little overalls with the horn things! Overall olivio!
    Soooo cute!

  13. Jennifer says:

    I love the KLEID DORA in particular 🙂

  14. Danielle says:

    I absolutely love the KLEID DORA

  15. Bea Alonso says:

    I like the Overall Orel, so cute

  16. Fran Ishido says:

    I love cardigan Claire!! Too cute xx

  17. nusaiba says:

    i like the overall olvio…which i think better match for my 3 weeks old cutee Azzah

  18. Alexis says:

    Love the collar crispin! The bibs always hide the cute shirt underneath. But this bib is so stylish, I wouldn’t mind it hiding the shirt. And it acts as an accessory too!

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