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Nonki Yoga – baby-friendly yoga in Tokyo!

One of my favourite things about Tokyo Urban Baby is all the amazing mums I get to meet and the new places they take us to!

I first met Satoko and Miho and their gorgeous babies at the Abi Loves/ELLE Maman Spring Party and we instantly became friends.

They told me all about the baby-friendly cafes and yoga that they go to, and kindly invited me along!

Here is a video and photos from our first adventure – Nonki Yoga!

Nonki Yoga is a baby-friendly yoga class held in beautiful Japanese tatami rooms all around Tokyo.

The instructor Nobuko Oshima is wonderful – she is warm, friendly, and doesn’t bat an eye with all the babies and toddlers crawling and running around.

This is actually the aim of the class – “Nonki Yoga” means “Happy-go-lucky Yoga”, so all the mums and babies are welcome to relax, feel comfortable, and enjoy the yoga class.

Nobuko also speaks English – so don’t hesitate to contact her if you would like to join one of her classes:)!

Nonki Yoga:

  • If you understand Japanese, see class times and details on the schedule here
  • The class times and dates can vary each week, so if you can’t read Japanese, send an email to the instructor Nobuko Oshima and she will reply to you. Nobuko’s email is
  • Address of class at Shirokane-Takanawa: 1-16-25 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Directions: when we arrive at Shirokane-Takanawa Station, follow signs to Takanawa Civic Center & Takanawa Library (located above the station – accessible by elevator) – the Nonki Yoga Class is held in the tatami room on the same floor as the Takanawa Civic Center

Thank you Satoko and Miho for introducing us to Nonki Yoga! We had a wonderful time!! Will post about our lunch at Goos Shinagawa soon!!

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