Ajo Bebe Travel Wipes Case Giveaway! 携帯用おしり拭きケースをAjo Bebeからプレゼント!

Ajo Bebe is giving away a chic Travel Wipes Case!

ENTER below for the chance to WIN!

Open Internationally!

About Ajo Bebe:

– Chic handmade baby products in a wonderful range of colours and designs

– Travel Wipes Cases hugely popular around the world – perfect for carrying your baby wipes while out and about in Tokyo (I have already received lots of compliments from other mums around Tokyo about my Ajo Bebe cheetah travel wipes case with the big red flower. Sure to turn heads in the nursing rooms:))!

– Available in Japan from the following online shops:


How to Enter:

  1. Step 1: Answer the question – “Which is your favourite design?”. Choose from the Ajo Bebe Travel Wipes Case designs on the Ajo Bebe website: (choose any design from the four subcategories in the travel wipes case section). Write your answer in the “Leave a Reply” section on this post below.
  2. Step 2: Tell me that you have posted your answer by filling in the Rafflecopter form. You need to complete both these steps in order for your entry to be valid.
  3. Extra points: For extra chances of winning, ‘Like’ Ajo Bebe on Facebook! (See Rafflecopter form for details!).

Entries close: Monday 13th May 2013

Winners will be announced: Tuesday 14th May 2013

IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter the Rafflecopter form! I will cross-check everything so I will know who has completed the steps correctly, but please make sure you complete the steps as outlined above, otherwise your entry will be invalid.

If you have any questions, please email me at:

The Giveaway is open internationally!


a Rafflecopter giveaway
Why are we using Rafflecopter? – Rafflecopter is a great tool for keeping track of Giveaway entries and for randomly choosing the winner.   Best of Luck Everyone!!!

Ajo Bebeから携帯用おしり拭きケースをプレゼント!



Ajo Bebeについて:

– とてもステキなハンドメイドのベビー用品を提供しています。デザインや色も豊富です。

– 携帯用おしりふきケースは世界中で大人気 – ちょっとしたおでかけのとき、おしり拭きを持ち歩くのにとっても便利。すでに沢山のお母さん達から、このケースがステキだってコメントいただいています。大きな赤い花がめだって、とてもかわいいの!何度でもこれをもっておむつを替えにいきたくなるくらい:)!

– 日本では下記のオンラインショップで取扱中:



  1. その 1: 質問に答えてください – “あなたのお気に入りのデザインはどれ?”Ajo Bebe のホームページより、あなたの一番のお気に入りを選んで教えてくださいね: (travel wipes caseのカテゴリー内のどのデザインを選んでも大丈夫です)。貴方の答えをこの記事の下にある”Leave a Reply”にコメントとして投稿してください。
  2. その 2: Rafflecopterに入力して、それをお知らせください。応募にはこのふたつが必ず必要です。無効にならないようご注意ください。
  3. 当選のチャンスを広げるには、FacebookのAjo Bebeのページに ‘いいね’してください! (Rafflecopterで必ず’いいね’したことを 教えてください )

応募期限: 2013年5月13日(月)

当選者発表: 2013年5月14日(火)

重要: 必ずRafflecopterに入力してください!こちらで入力漏れがないか確認しています。プレゼントご希望の方は応募手順をきちんとお守りください。応募方法に間違いがあった場合、無効となりますのでご注意ください。




Rafflecopterを使用する理由は? – Rafflecopterは、プレゼント応募を管理し、公平な抽選をするのにとても便利なツールです。みなさんの幸運をお祈りしています!

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18 thoughts on “Ajo Bebe Travel Wipes Case Giveaway! 携帯用おしり拭きケースをAjo Bebeからプレゼント!

  1. Fran Ishido says:

    I love the midnight II wipes case! Cute 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Hard to choose a favourite, but going with Scarlett!

  3. Lulu Le says:

    Cheetah with red flower

  4. val says:

    It’s very hard to choose! the Pink Flowers Bloom is so pretty!

  5. Jo says:

    Hi! My favourite is the expresso case. Thanks!

  6. Fiona says:

    I like Baby Peas..

  7. Jennifer Peacock says:

    Hard to choose but I’ll go with Bird on a Wire

  8. Danielle says:

    It’s difficult to choose but the Girly Girl AB-45 is fabulous!

  9. Sherilyn Siy says:

    Oh wow… I “wasted” so much time looking at all the gorgeous designs and visualizing myself with one! 🙂 Going for the French Riviera AB-44- Signature Wipes Case. Classy! 🙂

  10. Junko says:

    I love ‘Emma’.

  11. ジェシー says:

    Hi! Trying to win these for a friend that has a little baby boy 🙂 I love all the designs, but the bottom two are the coolest! If I have to pick one… the one with teal~ liking fb page too! Fingers crossed!! x(^◇^)x

  12. Makiko Hirano says:

    cheetah and red flower!!
    But all so cute! !

  13. rs says:

    I loved the signature series. Below three being my favorites in that order
    – new-vintage-sunshine-ab-62-travel-wipes-case
    – amy-butler-ab-22-signature-wipes-case
    – peacocks-ab-51-signature-wipes-case

  14. Princez says:

    love the ‘james- wild love collection’ 🙂

  15. Thea Hori says:

    Cheetah with Bling Crown!

  16. nusaiba says:

    i loved black and white stripe drew from love collection

  17. CHER MORI says:

    Espresso me Ajo Bebe! Lovely designs!

  18. Leslie Rogers says:

    I love the Aquamarine, but Girly Girl is my favorite!

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