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5 Steps – How to enjoy Tokyo Disney Sea with a 1 year old baby

We recently went to Tokyo Disney Sea with our then 16 mth old baby. We had wondered whether our baby would enjoy it as he is so young, but we actually had a great time! It was a lovely way to spend time together as a family and do something different.

Steps – How to enjoy Tokyo Disney Sea with a 1 year old baby:

Step 1 – Bring your baby’s lunch and snacks:

  • Disney Sea has lots of restaurants and take-out eateries, however the majority of the food is not very suitable for babies. Highly recommend bringing your baby’s food with you. There is a convenience store at the station before catching the monorail to Disney Sea – this is a great place to buy onigiri, snacks and drinks to take with you.

Step 2 – Enjoy the monorail:

  • Sometimes it is the simple things that babies really enjoy. All babies will love catching the Disney Sea monorail, which is full with Mickey Mouse decorations and exciting music. The adults will love it too! The monorail costs 250yen per adult (you can also use your Suica/Pasmo train pass). See transport details on the Disney website here.

Step 3 – Buy tickets:

  • Tickets cost 6,200yen per adult for a one day pass (babies are free). See ticket details here. This is not really a step for enjoying the day, but good to plan ahead! Just remember, although it is expensive, you won’t be able to see everything if you have a baby. Just try and see what you can, and above all have fun!

Step 4 – Enjoy the Disney Sea attractions!

  • Here is a list of the attractions we found were suitable for a 1 year old (some of the attractions we thought would be too scary for our son, so the list below are only the attractions which we thought we fun and non-scary).
  • Definitely recommend planning ahead as you won’t have time to see everything with baby in tow. We actually only saw Legend of Mishika, Big Band Beat, and rode on the electronic railway! We had a great time though.
  1. Caravan Carousel
  2. Venice gondola
  3. Big city vehicle
  4. Transit steam boat
  5. Electronic railway
  6. Toy story
  7. Show – Legend of Mythica
  8. Show – Big Band Beat
  9. Show – My Friend Duffy
  10. Show – Mermaid Lagoon Theatre

Step 5 – Shopping!

  • This is also one of the highlights of going to Disney Sea – the shopping! We bought our baby a Mickey Mouse toy which he LOVED.

Extra Tips


  • Disney Sea is relatively pram-friendly, however be aware that Disney Sea can get VERY crowded and also there is no secure pram parking – ie. you will need to leave your pram outside if you’d like to go on a ride or see a show. So if you think you might worry about your pram, it is highly recommended to borrow one of the Disney Sea prams which cost 700yen. For details see here.

Baby Nursing Rooms

  • Disney Sea has baby nursing rooms and change tables. See the map here

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4 thoughts on “5 Steps – How to enjoy Tokyo Disney Sea with a 1 year old baby

  1. Joanne says:

    Hi! We are travelling to Japan with our 18 months old daughter in May. Have you been to Disneyland with your baby before? Would you recommend Disneyland or Disney Sea?

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Joanne, We haven’t been to Disneyland with our son yet. I have been there before my son was born though, and I think both Disneyland and DisneySea would be great. I think toddlers at 1-2 years of age would love the cartoon characters and the parades the most. The parades and shows are particularly exciting for toddlers, with all the colours and music and action:) Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Fihe says:

    hey, for the rides/attractions if we bring The baby ( who do not meet an attraction’s height or other requirements) , will they allow parents to take turns and enjoy the attraction without waiting in line again ?

    1. Kate says:

      HI!Thank you for your message and sorry for my late reply! I think each parent will need to wait in line to take turns. Definitely consider the fast pass! xoxo

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