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My first post on Oshareninp (Japanese maternity fashion) blog!

I announced last week about our new collaboration with Mariko and her popular Oshareninp maternity fashion blog in Japan – we will be cross-posting on each other’s blogs once a month! Here is my first post! Thanks Mariko!

「東京アーバンベビー」Kate便り~第1回 マタニティファッション週末編~

English translation:

Hi Everyone! It is wonderful to meet you! Today is my first post on Oshareninp, so I thought I’d introduce myself and talk about my maternity fashion during my pregnancy.

A bit about myself – I am from Australia and came to Japan in 2002 on a Monbukagakusho scholarship to study Masters and PhD in Animal Science at Tsukuba University. When I graduated, I was lucky to find a job in Tokyo with an Australian company. In 2011 when my husband and I became pregnant, I realised there was little information available in English on pregnancy and having a baby in Japan, so I became a coordinator for the Tokyo Pregnancy Group (TPG) and posted about my experience through the TPG website. When my baby was born I wanted to continue helping other mums and mums-to-be with information about having a baby in Tokyo, which lead to the launch of Tokyo Urban Baby!

About my Maternity Fashion – I put on 20kg during my pregnancy (!), so I had a lot of trouble finding maternity wear that not only fit me, but also looked stylish and elegant. After much searching, I decided to look for regular clothes in XL sizes and made from stretchy fabric to stretch over my stomach. I quickly outgrew my jeans, so my maternity fashion on the weekends consisted mainly of black legging pants and a long stretchy dress. I was pregnant during summer, so I also really loved wearing long flowing maxi-dresses with pretty patterns. I had one maxi-dress (the blue stripey one below) that I literally wore nearly everyday right up until my baby was born – it was made from silk so it was very soft and comfortable.

Coming up soon in Part 2 – my maternity fashion at work:)!

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