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Coming soon! Tokyo City Guide – 10 Fabulous Day Trips with a Baby!

We have had so much positive feedback from our readers about Tokyo Urban Baby and our posts on getting out and about in Tokyo, that we decided to make a guidebook! We made the first draft last week just in time for the Abi Loves/ELLE Maman Spring Party, and were so excited with the way they turned out:)! It will be a small pocket size guidebook (perfect for keeping in your handbag:)) and will have lots of information on our favourite baby-friendly cafes, nursing rooms, playgrounds and sightseeing spots in Tokyo. We are now making some improvements to the layout and my creative sister is drawing super cute maps to go with it. Will publish soon!



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11 thoughts on “Coming soon! Tokyo City Guide – 10 Fabulous Day Trips with a Baby!

  1. Robin says:

    This looks fabulous, where will I be able to get myself a copy?? I’ll be spending this summer in Tokyo with my two little ones 🙂

    1. Kate says:

      Thanks Robin! We are just doing the finishing touches and adding extra locations, so hopefully will be ready next month (May). Just in time for your summer holiday to Tokyo:)! We will be selling them through our online shop and can ship both within Japan and internationally. If you’d like to receive updates on the progress please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

  2. Tracy says:

    Thsi si great! is this published?
    I am from Singapore and will be visiting Tokyo with my 16th month then in October 13.. This guide would definitely help me out here! =)

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Tracy, thanks for your message! I am still working on the Tokyo City Guide. It is nearly ready – hopefully will be ready to publish in a couple of months. I’ve been back at work full-time, so the process has been a bit delayed, but the book is one of my priorities! I’ll let you know when it is ready! In the meantime I hope you find lots of info on Tokyo Urban Baby and through the google map I’ve made (see “map” icon on right-hand side of my blog). Thanks! Kate

  3. E says:

    Hi Kate. We’ll be travelling to Tokyo for 10 days with our 11 month old in April and I’ve found your website to be extremely helpful and resourceful. Thank you sooo much. Your website has eased my worries about travelling for the first time with our baby.

    I was just curious whether your Tokyo city guide has been published yet?? I’m excited to get my hands on it and to explore As much of Tokyo as we can with the baby.

    Thanks again!

    1. Kate says:

      Thanks for your message! I’m so glad Tokyo Urban Baby has helped you plan your trip to Tokyo with your baby:) Unfortunately the city guide hasn’t been published yet. Hopefully soon! I have been so busy with being back working full-time, maintaining Tokyo Urban Baby and looking after my son, that haven’t had the time:( Soon I will be on maternity leave with my second baby, so hope to complete the guidebook soon!

      1. Susanne says:

        Hi Kate,
        Thanks for all the info and such a great webpage! Very helpful when you are new in Japan and are expecting! 🙂
        I guess we are in the same birth preparation class together! I recognized you and your son right away : )

        Just a short question: are there any Tokyo City Guides – 10 Daytrips with baby still availabe from 2013? Just to get prepared (after all we have the toddler and the baby then as you do) and until you find the time to finish the new version!
        Or is it finished already? Please let me know!

        Take care – enjoy the sun and see you next Sunday,

        1. Kate says:

          Hi Susanne! Thanks for your message! That’s amazing we are in the same birth class with Celia! Can’t wait to see you at the next class:) I’m so glad Tokyo Urban Baby is helping you plan for the birth of your second baby:) I am still working on the updates for the Tokyo City Guide (planning to launch soon!), but have you signed up to receive our Tokyo City Guide Map? This can help a lot with finding baby rooms and baby-friendly cafes around Tokyo. There is a sign up button on the top right hand side-bar of Tokyo Urban Baby website. Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday!! Kate xx

  4. clementine says:

    Hi Kate;

    Thanks for the great website and allthe help, especially the map!
    I am visiting Tokyo this summer with my one year old daughter and I wanted to know how I could get a copy from your guide, even the 2013 version would be good!

  5. ruth says:

    Are these available, where can i order one

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Ruth!

      Here it is here! I launched it in January as an ebook and interactive map:


      Xx Kate

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