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Question: What foods do you feed your baby while traveling in Japan?

Last week we received a question from one of our readers who will be visiting Japan soon with her babies. I think many people planning a trip to Japan might have the same question, so here is my answer and some photos below!


Question: I will be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto at the end of the month and I have a pair of 13 month twin boys. What are some possible suggestions for food for the babies when we eat in Japan?


My answer:

That’s great to hear you will be visiting Tokyo with your twins! I actually often see parents with twins in Tokyo – it’s amazing how accessible the city can be, even with a wide double pram:)!

In regards to food, Japan is a great place to visit as there is a wide variety of fresh healthy food suitable for babies and toddlers at supermarkets and restaurants. Here are some of the foods I often feed my son:

– Rice – There is always rice available in Japan which is a great food for babies and toddlers. I often buy Onigiri (rice ball) at the convenience store, or if we go to a restaurant I try to order a bowl of plain rice. I often see Japanese mothers doing this too – they take a retort pouch of baby food to the restaurant, and squeeze this on top of the rice, making a quick and healthy meal for baby. If you order salad at the restaurant, you can ask for dressing on the side so that baby can eat it as well.

– Bananas – Can buy anywhere, even at Starbucks! This is a great healthy snack.

– Other fresh fruit and vegetables such as mandarins, strawberries, and avocados can be bought at the supermarket or convenience store. I often buy cherry tomatoes too, which are a simple and health snack that my baby loves.

– Meat – If we go to a restaurant, I try to order a plain dish with meat or fish so I can share with my son. The thicker the piece of meat the better – I cut off the outside which has been cooked in oil, and finely chop up the inside piece for my son.

– Restaurants – we usually choose Japanese or Italian restaurants as they usually have a wide range of dishes on the menu that my son can eat as well (we generally avoid spicy or oily foods).

– “Obento” lunch box – if you need a quick lunch, for example if you are catching the shinkansen (bullet train) or having a picnic in the park, I highly recommend buying a Japanese “obento” lunch box. There are lots of healthy options available, including fish and lots of vegetables. They also often include a big piece of cooked pumpkin, which is a great soft food for toddlers (easy to feed using chopsticks or by hand) and a great source of extra nutrients while traveling. Just be careful as often the sauce coating the vegetables contains soy-sauce, so if you want to keep your baby’s salt-intake to a minimum, it might be best to scrape off the sauce before feeding to baby.

– Baby food – I recommend bringing baby food with you in your suitcase if you are only here for a short time, such as Ella’s Kitchen retort packs. If you need to buy baby food while you are here, you can find jars and retort packs at the Drug Store (Pharmacy). if you are looking for organic baby food, “Ofukuro” organic baby food which can be bought from department stores, high-end supermarkets, and F&F organic supermarkets. Click here to see information about Ofukuro on Tokyo Urban Baby.

Here are some photos of foods and drinks that I often buy for my baby while commuting around Tokyo.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!

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