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“Joolz Day Tokyo” stroller review! オランダのベビーカー、Joolz Day Tokyoの10のポイント!

Do you remember when we participated in research by a PhD student in Denmark about commuting around Tokyo with a baby? Well, Juliana was actually doing research for Joolz baby strollers, and through that connection we were delighted when we were contacted by Joolz a few weeks ago to review their new stroller design, the Joolz Day Tokyo!

We met up with the Joolz Japan Team last week in Shinjuku who gave us a fabulous demonstration and also lent me the Joolz Day Tokyo for a 2 week test-drive! Thank you!

Here is our movie review of the 10 Fabulous Design Features of the Joolz Day Tokyo!

As the Joolz Day Tokyo was inspired by Japanese design and culture, I thought it would be great to have a review from a Japanese mother’s perspective. And who better to ask than Tokyo Urban Baby’s Tomoko Momose! Thanks Tomoko!!

Here is Tomoko’s review! (see English translation below!)


オランダのベビーカーメーカー、Joolzが日本をイメージしてデザインした新しいベビーカー、Joolz Day Tokyoをご紹介します!
Joolzのベビーカーは、機能面はドイツの人間工学を元に、また、デザイン面ではフランスの感性を元に作られているのだとか。そんな機能的、かつ、スタイリッシュなJoolzのベビーカー、Joolz Day Tokyoの10のポイント!

Joolzの社長、エミールさんが来日したときに受けた印象を忠実に再現したJoolz Day Tokyo。深みのある黒は京都の街からインスピレーションをうけたのだとか。素材はスウェードを使用しているため、手触りも滑らか。







Joolzの魅力はなんといってもその収納力。車輪の上部に備え付けられた荷物入れには、おむつやベビーのおもちゃを入れることもできます。ベビー座席の背面にもポケットがついてます。Joolz Day Tokyoには付属のマザーバックがついていて、このバックも、中にはポケットが沢山あり、またサイドにはアルミ素材でカバーされたドリンクケースもついています。


Joolz Day Tokyoは、東京散歩に最適。階段もそのまま上り下りが可能だし、少し大きめですが普通にエレベーターにも乗れます。ベビーの座る位置が高いので、Joolz Day Tokyoから見る景色は格別かも。


Introducing the Joolz Day Tokyo! A new stroller with Japanese design by the Dutch stroller company, Joolz!

The design of the Joolz stroller is unique in that it’s functionality is based on ergonomics from Germany, and the style is based on French sensibility. To introduce this functional and stylish Joolz stroller, here are the 10 Fabulous Features of the Joolz Day Tokyo!

1. Beautiful modern Japanese design!

Joolz Founder and Creative Director, Emile Kuenen was inspired to create the Joolz Day Tokyo after visiting Japan for the first time. For example, the rich black colour was inspired by the streets of Kyoto. The hood is made from suede, which gives it a soft velvet touch.

The inside cloth of the pram is similar to a Furoshiki (Japanese cloth for wrapping), which is very traditional in Japan. The cloth is covered with a pattern design of the Joolz family emblem, baby deer, cherry blossoms and other Japanese motifs. This was designed by Hiyoko-san, a Japanese designer living in Holland. The matching Furoshiki is also included as a set with the stroller – perfect for carrying a lunchbox or even as a picnic blanket or baby blanket.

2. Super cute Baby Cot!

The baby cot is included in the Joolz stroller set, and is designed for newborn babies up to 6 mths age. The red Joolz logo on the black is very eye-catching. The inside of the cot is the same design as the Furoshiki. Super cute!

3. Easy to get baby in and out!

The baby cot has a zipper which can be opened from the left- or right-hand side, so it is very easy to place baby inside. It is also easy to take the baby cot off the stroller frame. Just by pushing the buttons on either side, the baby cot can easily be removed.

4. The baby cot can be used as a bassinet!

By taking the baby cot off the stroller frame, it can be used as a baby bassinet inside the home. There are 4 small legs on the bottom of the baby cot, so it can also be used outdoors. This means that if your baby falls asleep in the baby cot while walking around outside, you can simply take the cot off the stroller and carry inside, without having to wake up your baby! The baby cot weighs about 3.6kg, and with a newborn baby of about 3kg, together it will weigh about 6.6kg, which means even if Papa is not there you can still carry easily on your own:)

5. 4-Wheel Suspension!

One of the special features of the Joolz is that it has big wheels. The wheels are the same as those on a bicycle (air-filled tires). All four tires are mounted on suspension, so it feels very stable when you push the stroller, and baby stays comfortable and cozy even on rough terrain. It can also go over sand – perfect for a beach resort holiday:)!

6. Excellent air flow!

The bottom of the hood on both the cot and seat can be opened to allow air to flow through. Even if baby falls asleep on a hot summer day, the hood can be used to protect baby from the sun, as well as ensuring maximum air flow to keep baby cool and ventilated.

7. Baby seat can be used both ways!

The baby seat on the Joolz stroller can be used both front-facing or back-facing. It is easy to change the direction by just pushing the buttons at the side of the baby seat. This is great for adjusting the pram according to baby’s age and development.

8. Lots of storage space!

Another wonderful feature of the Joolz is the ample storage space. Just above the wheels there is a compartment perfect for storing spare nappies or baby toys. There is also a little pocket at the back of the baby seat, perfect for storing your mobile phone or keys. The Joolz Day Tokyo also comes with a Mother’s Bag (Nappy Bag), which also has lots of pockets inside, as well as side pockets with foil lining for storing baby bottles. The drink holder is also included. If you also get the shopping bag, there is even more space for storing all your essential items!

9. Lots of great accessories!

There is a great slip-on wind protector, rain cover, hood extension cover, shopping bag, umbrella, and much much more!

10. Perfect for walking around Tokyo!

The Joolz Day Tokyo is perfect for day trips around Tokyo. It is easy to go up and down stairs with the big tires, and even though it is a big pram, it is quite compact so easy fit in the crowded elevators. The baby seat is high up, so the view from the Joolz Day Tokyo is also very special for baby. Also, when catching the train, the Joolz Day Tokyo fits easily through the wide ticket gates!


Thank you so much Yamada-san, Asuka-san and Jun-san from the Joolz Japan Team! We really appreciated your time and showing us the Joolz Day Tokyo in your showroom, and for looking after our babies while we were filming:)!! (Our babies had a wonderful time playing with all your toys!! Hehe) Looking forward to seeing you at our Cherry Blossom Picnic next week!

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6 thoughts on ““Joolz Day Tokyo” stroller review! オランダのベビーカー、Joolz Day Tokyoの10のポイント!

  1. Jordana says:

    Hi Kate,
    I love the look and all of your reviews on the Joolz Day Tokyo. I am pregnant right now and am starting to look around for a pram. Where about can I buy a Joolz pram, I’ve tried looking on line but I’ve not been able to find a retailer!
    Thank you so much for your help and all your great info!

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Jordana! Thanks for your message! The Joolz stroller is available from Entre Square online store: . It is also available in shops in Japan – here is the list (in Japanese): . If you live near Daikanyama, Joolz is sold at the Air Buggy shop and Kodomo Beams. Here is a previous post on Kodomo Beams:スタイリッシュな日本の子供ブ.html . I LOVE our Joolz Day Tokyo – I had originally thought it would be too big to get around Tokyo, but it is actually so easy to use and to steer, easy to catch the trains with and a breeze through the wide ticket gates, and also has lots of storage space for days out in Tokyo. Now I don’t step out the door without it:)!

  2. Bee says:

    Hi-I will be moving to Japan in December and also pregnant. I’m looking into getting a stroller and was wondering what size is the Joolz?

    Thank you!

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Bee, Thanks for your message! That’s exciting that you are moving to Tokyo!!
      Here are the measurements of the Joolz on the website:

      Measurements (L x W x H)
      Unfolded: 80 x 62 x 100/110 cm
      Folded: 85 x 62 x 37 cm
      Folded without wheels: 85 x 55 x 28 cm
      Cot inside measurements: 82 x 37 x 21 cm

      Chassis; 8,4 kg,
      Chassis without wheels: 5,4 kg,
      Seat: 3,2 kg
      Cot: 3,7 kg.

      1. LA says:

        Do you know the maximum weight&height capacity of this stroller? Thanks

        1. Kate says:

          Hi! All the specs can be found on the Joolz website:

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