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Baby hay fever – checkup with Doctor in Japan 赤ちゃんの花粉症 日本での診察について

It’s that time of the year again everybody – Hay Fever Season! We came back from Australia last week thinking we could enjoy the beautiful Spring weather in Tokyo, but almost immediately my baby and I came down with runny noses, red eyes, and lots of sneezing. I was worried my baby had caught a cold, but then I realised it must be hay fever! So off we went to the Doctor’s on the weekend to have a checkup and see what we could do to lessen the symptoms. Here is a video of our visit to the Doctor.

Doctor’s comments:

  • My baby looks like he has some allergy, but it won’t be clear whether it is hay fever or not until he is older. At this young age, babies may have an allergic reaction to something, and then it may disappear as they grow up. So it is too early to say, but if he has the same symptoms next Spring and again the following Spring, then we could say that his allergic reaction is due to the pollen.

The Doctor prescribed some medicine to give to my baby, which I understand is an anti-inflammatory to help him with his breathing.

Thank you Doctor! My baby is feeling much better now. I hope he doesn’t get the same allergic reaction next year…:)!

IMPORTANT – the video, photos and text contained in this post is of my own personal experience only of taking my baby to the doctor in Japan. It is in no way to be taken as medical advice. If your baby has an allergic reaction, make sure you take your baby to your family Doctor immediately for a checkup.

Baby hay fever checkup in Japan

今年もまたこの季節がやってきました – そう、花粉症です! 先週、オーストラリアから帰国して、日本の春を想いっきり楽しもうと思っていた矢先、私と私のベビーは鼻水タラタラ、目は赤くなるし、くしゃみを連発。うちの子、風邪をひいたのかしら?!と思ったのですが、もしかしたら花粉症かもしれません!週末、病院へいって検査をし、対処法についてきいてきましたので、その模様をお届けします。


  • うちの子は、なんらかのアレルギーがあるみたいですが、でもこの年齢でアレルギーの原因を特定するのは難しいとのこと。赤ちゃんは小さいうちななんらかのアレルギー反応がでることがあるそうですが、成長とともになくなるものだそうです。なので、今特定するのはまだ時期尚早ですが、来年の春、そして再来年の春も同じ症状が出た時は、花粉症なのかもしれません。



重要 - 動画、写真、そして記事の内容については、子供を病院へ連れて行ったときの体験に基づいているもので、医療的アドバイスの提示ではありません。もし、ご自身のお子さんが同じような症状がある場合は、病院へ連れて行ってかかりつけの医師にご相談ください。

Baby hay fever checkup in Japan

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