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Mimijumi baby bottle – test by 5 month old baby Niko! ミミジュミの哺乳瓶 生後5ヶ月ニコくんが使ってくれました!

Mimijumi will be available on our Online Shop from 19th Feb 2013!

When we found the Mimijumi last month, I posted on Facebook to ask if any of our readers were interested in trying it out. To our delight we had lots of replies from eager mums and dads! Sachi and her baby Niko were the fastest though, so they got the first try!

Sachi explains:

“We would love to try the Mimijumi baby bottle with our son Niko. He is 5 months at the end of this month, and he is solely breastfed. We used to pump and feed him with 母乳相談室 and 母乳実感 formula from Pigeon, but he refuses to drink from them now. We were thinking about looking for other bottles to get him back on drinking from bottles, so I can send Niko off with grandparents some days. Trying out this bottle would be a perfect opportunity for us!”

Here is Sachi’s video footage of Niko and Mimijumi!

Sachi’s notes:

Day 1

  • We were too excited and took too many videos but I will send you all anyway. We will try it everyday until 30th and hopefully there will be some improvement…=)

Day 3

  • Niko had almost same reaction yesterday, but today, I asked my mother to feed him and it was significantly better!! He is not rejecting Mimijumi at all, which I cannot believe. 
  • He is sucking but I don’t think he is strong enough and cannot get milk very well. My mother thinks that the hole is really small. Are there different nipples with different milk flow? Or is this the only one? 
  • I love the product because it’s so easy to clean! 

Day 6

  • Overall experience…I think it’s perfect for babies that don’t like their regular bottles.
  • I was expecting Niko to resist Mimijumi, but he gave in after the second time! I am very very happy.
  • The size of the 120ml bottle is also great, because Niko tends to have many smaller feedings.
  • Only problem is the flow of milk. But on the instruction sheet it said that there are three different flow speed, so with different speed, I think it will be perfect for him.
  • I attached a video of Niko attempting to drink out of his regular pigeon bottle, it’s funny that he still doesn’t like it at all!!
  • I would love to use Mimijumi bottle again, would love to recommend to friends, and to any mothers with stubborn babies!

Thank you so much Sachi! We are so glad Niko loves Mimijumi!!

Here is our answer to your question about Mimijumi nipple sizes:

– There are two nipple sizes available – Flow Rate #1 (0-12 mths) and Flow Rate #2 (>12mths). The bottles come with Flow Rate #1 nipple included, and the Flow Rate #2 nipples can be purchased separately. The designer of Mimijumi has advised that they initially thought Flow Rate #1 nipple was suitable for babies 0-3 mths old, but after testing and feedback from mothers around the world, they have revised this and now say that it is suitable for babies 0-12 mths old. Every baby is different though, so if you think your baby is a fast drinker, the Flow Rate #2 nipple may be more suitable.





Sachi’s notes:


  • 初日は興奮しすぎてたくさん動画をとってしまったのですが、とりあえず全部送ります。30日まで毎日やってみて、状況がよくなることを心から願っています…=)


  • 2日目は1日目と変わらなかったのですが、今日は私のお母さんにニコにミルクをあげてもらったら、ものすごくよかったのです!! ミミジュミの哺乳瓶をいやがることなく飲みました。信じられないわ。
  • 乳首をくわえてはいるけれど、力が弱いのかミルクを飲めていないような気がします。私の母は、乳首の穴がとても小さいのでは、といってました。ミルク穴のサイズが違う乳首はありますか?それとも、乳首はこれだけですか?
  • この哺乳瓶、洗うのが簡単だからとても気に入ってます。 


  • トライアルを終えてみて思うこと。一般的な哺乳瓶がきらいな赤ちゃんにとって、この商品は最高だと思うわ!
  • ニコはミミジュミもダメかと思っていたけれど、2階目以降受け入れてくれました。すっごく嬉しいです。
  • 120mlというサイズもニコにはピッタリ。あまりたくさんは飲まないから。
  • ミルクの出方については少し心配でした。でも、説明書には3通りのミルクの出るスピードがあるということで、スピードの違いがあるのであれば、彼にとって特に問題ないと思いました。
  • ピジョンの哺乳瓶で飲む様子も動画にとったので送付します。未だにピジョンの哺乳瓶はスキになれないみたい!
  • ミミジュミの哺乳瓶をこの先も是非使いたいわ。もちろん友達にも、哺乳瓶から飲まなくて困っているお母さん達にもオススメしたいです。



– 乳首は2種類あります – フローレート#1 (0-12ヶ月) とフローレート#2 (>12ヶ月以上)。哺乳瓶についている乳首はフローレート#1のもので、フローレート#2は別途購入可能です。ミミジュミのデザイナーによると、最初はフローレート#1の乳首は0から3ヶ月のベビー向けにと考えていたようですが、色々とテストを行った結果、0から12ヶ月のベビー用としたそうです。もちろん、赤ちゃんはみんなそれぞれ違います。もしあなたの赤ちゃんが飲むのが早いと感じたら、フローレート#2を使用してみるとよいでしょう


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