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10 Tips for Baby’s First Checkup at the Dentist in Japan ベビーの歯科検診10の秘訣

Japan doesn’t have fluoride in the drinking water, so I had been worried about my baby’s teeth and was keen to take him to the Dentist for a check-up asap. Here is a video showing my baby’s first check-up this week:)

Important Tips from the Dentist

  • Begin brushing your baby’s teeth with a little water as soon as first tooth appears
  • Brush your baby’s teeth twice a day (morning and night after eating)
  • If two teeth are touching, use dental floss to clean between teeth
  • Dentist recommended to schedule first appointment before baby turns 1 year old, and then visit the dentist once a month thereafter

Why is it important to visit the Dentist once a month with your baby?

  • To check the growth of your baby’s teeth
  • To check for tooth decay or any problems
  • Dentist can demonstrate how to clean your baby’s teeth properly
  • Helps your baby become accustomed to the Dentist room and equipment

How much does it cost?

  • The Dentist in Japan is FREE for babies and children until 9 years old (until 3rd year Elementary School)
  • In order to receive dental checkup for FREE, you will need: 1) Your baby’s Japanese National Health Insurance card (健康保険), 2) Your baby’s Ward office insurance(医療証)

Where to buy Fluoride Paste:

The Dentist showed me the special fluoride paste for children, which she said can only be ordered and bought at the dentist in Japan (cannot be bought at supermarkets or drug stores). She showed me a range of brands and flavours, and I could choose which one I wanted to buy. She then said she would order the fluoride paste for me and I can pick it up at the next appointment in one month’s time. In the meantime, she gave me a small sample tube of fluoride paste to practice with my baby.

How to apply Fluoride Paste:

The dentist recommended to brush my baby’s teeth with the fluoride paste every night before going to sleep. She said it is okay if baby swallows the paste, but to make sure baby doesn’t eat anything for 15-20 min after applying the paste.




  • 歯が生え始めたらすぐに歯磨きをはじめること
  • 1日2回磨くこと (朝夕、食後)
  • 2本の葉がくっついている場合、デンタルフロスを使って歯間を磨くこと
  • 歯医者さんによると、1歳の誕生日前に最初の検診を予約し、その後1ヵ月ごとに検診にいくのがオススメだとか


  • 歯の成長具合の確認
  • 歯の衰弱やその他の問題の早期発見
  • ただしい歯の磨き方の指導
  • ベビーが歯医者さんの診察台や雰囲気に慣れるのを助ける


  • 日本の歯医者は子供が9歳になるまで無料(小学校3年生まで)
  • 無料で歯科検診をうけるには、 1)健康保険証と 2)地方自治体が発行している医療証が必要です


歯医者さんが見せてくれた特別な子供用は磨き粉は、現在歯医者さんでしか購入できないとのこと。 (スーパーやドラッグストアには売ってません)。いくつか種類があり、そこから一つ選びました。今、注文中で次の予約の時に取りに行きます。それまではサンプルをもらったのでそれを使っています。




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4 thoughts on “10 Tips for Baby’s First Checkup at the Dentist in Japan ベビーの歯科検診10の秘訣

  1. Christine Tan says:

    Hi there! Was searching the web for baby daycare when I found your site. Was very interested in the articles and postings. I’m an expat working mum that is staying in Kichijoji Minami-cho Musashino-shi. Would you happen to know any good daycare centers for 4 months above in Kichijoji? Thanks!

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Christine! Sorry I don’t know the Musashino area, but the best way to find out about the daycare centers in your area would be to go to Musashino City Office – they will be able to give you a booklet that contains a list of all the daycares. There is also a list on their website: If you can’t speak Japanese, ask a Japanese friend to go with you to the city office to help with translations. You might also be able to find some private Ninkagai (baby hotels) in your area. I talked a bit about baby hotels in this post: . Another way to find recommendations is to ask other mothers on the Tokyo Mothers Group Facebook closed group. This is a very active FB group and is a great way to get advice from lots of mothers living in Tokyo. Good luck!!

  2. Tina says:

    How old was your son when you took him to the dentist?

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Tina! Thanks for your message. My son was 12mths (1 year old) when I first took him to the dentist. I took him once a month until he turned 2 years old, and then taking him every few months after that. He doesn’t have any problems with his teeth, but going regularly has been fantastic for building his confidence with the dentist and getting accustomed to the dentist office. He still refuses to sit in the dentist’s chair on his own though! He will only sit on my lap and open his mouth after much encouragement:)

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