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How to make a DIY winter cover for your baby sling 自分で作ろう、ベビースリングカバー

I had been looking for months in Tokyo for a down winter jacket that would keep both myself and my baby warm while carrying him in the Ergo, but the only ones I could find seemed to be polyester or were not big enough. I did find some great baby sling covers, however again they seemed to be more designed for smaller babies rather than a big 1 year old with long legs. I hesitated to spend the money on a lovely cover if it didn’t cover my baby completely, so I gave up on my search and decided to make one! Hope this helps others who are also thinking to make they own cover. The most handy feature of my DIY cover was the sewn edges that created a pouch to put my baby’s feet in. This kept his legs nice and cosy, and he also wore his down jacket with a hood to keep his body and head warm and protected from the winter cold. I used my DIY cover on one of the coldest days in Tokyo on 14th January when it was snowing, and my baby was kept nice and cosy! Yay!

What you need:

  • Warm blanket – fleece or an old sleeping bag would be perfect. I used an airplane blanket from Jetstar which was great as it is warm and just the right size.
  • Needle and thread. I used wool to sew the edges which was easy and fast. You don’t need to worry if your sewing is not perfect, because once the pouch is turned inside-out nobody can see it anyway:)!

How to make and use:

  • See video!

寒い冬の日、エルゴで子供を抱きながら出かけるときに暖かくいられるようなダウンジャケットをずっと探していたのですが、ポリエステルのものや、大きさが十分でないものしか見つかりませんでした。ベビースリングのカバーも、いくつかステキなのを見つけたのですが、全部小さなあかちゃん用で、1歳を過ぎて足も長くなった子供につかえるほど大きくありません。もし買ったとして、やっぱり小さくて子供の足までカバーできないのであれば、そんな無駄な買い物はしたくないし、結局買うのをあきらめて、自分で作ることにしました!自分でカバーを作りたい人の参考になれば幸いです。私のDIY(Do it yourself – 自分で作ろう、お手製の)カバーのなかでお気に入りなのが、子供の足を入れるポーチを作ったこと。これのおかげで彼の足は快適だし、ダウンジャケットを着てフードをかぶれば身体も暖かく、冬の寒さから守ってもらえます。このカバー、この冬一番寒かった1月14日、そう大雪が降った日に使ったのですが、彼はとても居心地よさそうでした!やったね!


  • 暖かいブランケット – フリース地や、もう使わない寝袋とかいいかも。私はジェットスターの機内でつかうブランケットを使用しました。暖かいし、サイズもちょうどよかったです。
  • ハリと糸。私は、縫うときに毛糸を使いました。簡単だし、早くできます。もし、縫い方が変でも気にしなくて大丈夫。だって、結局裏返しにするから縫い目なんて誰もわからないから:)!


  • 動画をみてね!


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4 thoughts on “How to make a DIY winter cover for your baby sling 自分で作ろう、ベビースリングカバー

  1. Jolynn Wee says:


    I saw your video on the home made cover for the ergo carrier – very smart idea!

    I am from Singapore, mother of 4 boys and I have been reading your blog as I would be taking 2 of my boys to Tokyo this Christmas. My biggest concern would be my baby as this is the first I’m taking a baby for a winter holiday (I normally wait till they are at least 2 yrs old).

    I had initially thought that putting the baby dressed in winter gear and thermal in the Ergo would keep him warm enough, but I’m guessing it’s probably not warm enough?!

    Also, I would be bringing my Maclaren umbrella stroller along. Do you think a footmuff is necessary? I had initially thought of using a blanket (clipped to the stroller) and perhaps the rain cover (to block the wind). Would this suffice?

    Looking forward to your response!

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Jolynn, thank you for your message! That’s great to hear you are coming to Tokyo with your boys 🙂 I think your baby should be okay with a blanket and the rain cover. I have seen Japanese mothers doing the same – especially the rain cover is a great idea to block the wind. I would dress him in layers though – I find breathable cotton is best, as it can get really hot on the trains and in the department stores. If your baby is wearing thermals, he may get too hot and sweat inside. Especially if he is in an Ergo. I think that’s why Japanese mothers use a down or fleece cover for the sling or footmuff for the stroller, so they can dress their baby in regular clothing (pants, singlet, top, jumper) and then can easily take off the cover when inside. Also make sure you take the rain cover off the stroller when you are in the train or inside, to make sure your baby gets fresh air and doesn’t get too stuffy inside the stroller. I’m sure you know this though! It’s also a good idea to wear long socks and a scarf, to keep his ankles and neck warm and protected. If you need any extra clothing while in Japan, Uniqlo has a great selection at very reasonable prices. Muji also has lovely products for babies. Hope this helps and have a wonderful trip! xx Kate

  2. Vaishali says:

    Hi Kate,
    That is such an innovative cover for your baby!

    I need some help. My husband and I will be relocating to Tokyo sometime in January. My baby will then be 17 months. I live in a city called Bangalore in India and it is never so cold here. So, I am quite clueless about winter clothing for her. (Yes, I did read up your post on winter wear for babies). If it is not too much of a trouble, could you please send me some links of scarves, jackets, shoes and clothing that you recommend for a baby. It would be really helpful for me to understand what to look for when shopping here.

    I have a baby carrier which I plan to carry with me. Do you suggest that I purchase a stroller from Japan or buy one from India and carry it with me? Sorry, there are just too many ‘to-dos’ when it comes to relocating with a baby and i am a tad bit overwhelmed 🙂


    1. Kate says:

      Hi Vaishali, thanks for your email! I can understand it must be hard to imagine what it is like in Tokyo in winter, especially how to dress baby to keep warm. The winter clothing and coats will be coming out in store soon. I would recommend checking the Uniqlo and Muji online shops to get an idea of what to dress your baby. Both these stores have a fantastic collection. and Good luck with the move! xx Kate

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