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Great day trip to Shinagawa Aquarium with 1 year old baby

Here is a video and photos of our trip to Shinagawa Aquarium last month.

Our baby LOVED it!

His favourites were the colourful fish, the seals and the dolphin show.

This is the closest aquarium to the city of Tokyo, so a fantastic place for a quick trip and very baby-friendly.

Also is surrounded by a beautiful park and pond – perfect for a picnic or stroll!

 Shinagawa Aquarium:

  • Cost: Adults 1,300yen, elementary-junior high school students 600yen, children 4-6yrs 300yen, babies under 3 yrs FREE
  • Address of Shinagawa Aquarium: Shinagawa-kumin Park, 3-2-1, Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
  • Open: 10am-5pm (last entry 4:30pm), closes at 6pm during August (check website).
  • Closed: Often closed on Tuesdays! Make sure you check the timetable on the website here. The grey boxes are the days which the aquarium is closed.
  • How to Get There: We took the shuttle bus from Oimachi Station (Central East Exit) takes 15min. Departs from Bus Stop No. 6 about every 30min. Make sure you line-up well in advance of the departure time if you want to get a seat on the bus. It is also possible to walk to the aquarium from Omori Station (15min) or Omorikaigan Station (8min), or catch a boat there from Hinode Pier in Hamamatsucho.
  • Nursing room: There is a nursing room on the 2nd floor (ask staff and they will show you to the room). Baby nappy change tables and baby seats are also available in the women’s toilets and in the all-access toilet.
  • Shows and Events: See the timetable on the Shinagawa Aquarium Website for a list of the dolphin and seal shows. The timetable changes for different days, so make sure you check if you would like to plan your day in advance! The timetable is in Japanese, but it is colour-coded so it is easy to understand. Note that the dark grey days are when the aquarium is closed.
  • Tickets are valid all day, which means you can go in and out of the aquarium which is great – there is a restaurant outside and also a beautiful park with a huge pond where you can have a picnic or let the kids run around.
  • Shinagawa Aquarium Website



  • 入場料: 大人 1,300yen, 小中学生 600yen, 幼児 4-6歳 300yen, 3歳以下は無料
  • 住所: 東京都品川区勝島3-2-1 品川区民公園内
  • 開園時間: 10am-5pm (入場は 4:30pmまで),8月は6pm閉園 (詳しくはWebを見てください).
  • 休園日: 火曜日が休みのときが多いです!必ずこちらからWebをチェックしてください。グレーの日が休園日です。
  • 行き方:大井町駅からシャトルバスにのりました (中央東口より)。約15分です。 6番のバス停からのバスにのると30分かかります。バスで着席したい場合は、早めに並んでいましょう。大森駅から歩くことも可能です(約15分)。また、大森海岸駅からは徒歩8分。あるいは、浜松町近くの日の出桟橋から船で行くこともできます。
  • オムツ換えの台はすべての女性トイレと障害者用トイレについています。
  • 入場券は1日有効。出たり入ったりできます。水族館の外にはレストランやきれいな公園があるので、ピクニックしたり、子供達を遊ばせたりできます。
  • 品川水族館ウェブサイト


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2 thoughts on “Great day trip to Shinagawa Aquarium with 1 year old baby

  1. Jane T says:

    Just wanted to point out that there’s an aquarium in the Sunshine City building in Ikebukuro as well as another one in Shinagawa that is actually only a couple of minutes walk from Shinagawa station, so the one you visited isn’t the only one in Tokyo! I think there is one near Kasai Rinkai Koen as well.

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