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FURLA Mummy & Baby Postnatal Yoga Class in Tokyo ママとベビーが参加できるヨガクラスFURLA

We recently had a request from a reader of Tokyo Urban Baby for reviews of yoga/fitness classes in Tokyo for mums with babies. I had only been to one pilates class since my baby was born, so was wondering how to fulfill this request! Thankfully, I was talking with my friend Carmela about it and she kindly offered to review some of the classes she was attending. Thank you so much Carmela!!!

Here is Carmela’s debut post about the Postnatal yoga class at Furla!

Carmela’s key points about the class:

  • Easy to get to as it’s only 1 minute walk from Omotesando station exit A3
  • Need to bring baby in a carrier or sling as there is no room to park strollers
  • The class is taught in Japanese but it’s easy to follow even if you don’t speak Japanese
  • The teacher is called Hideko and she adorable
  • We sang, stretched, massaged and played with baby
  • Great class!

There is also alot of important information on the FURLA yoga website. For example, the Postnatal yoga class is only open for mums with babies before they start crawling. Make sure you double check all the information on the FURLA website before going:)!

  • Address: Kita-Aoyama 3-5-20, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
  • For information regarding access, directions, classes, schedule, instructors, fees, and much much more see the FURLA yoga website

Thank you so much Carmela! LOVE your video and the photos. Especially the photo of you stretching with your baby. You both look so happy!!! Definitely Happy Mommy = Happy Baby!!

Carmela was previously a coordinator for the Tokyo Pregnancy Group and was also the model for our H&M Maternity Wear photo shoot in May and House of Wandering Silk scarves & baby blankets photo shoots in September this year.




  • 表参道駅A3出口から徒歩1分というアクセスの良さ
  • ベビーカーを置いておく場所がないので、抱っこ紐やスリングで行かなければならない
  • クラスは日本語で行われますが、日本語は話せなくても十分にやっていけます
  • ヒデコ先生はとてもおちゃめです
  • ベビーと一緒に歌って、ストレッチして、マッサージして遊びます
  • 本当にオススメです!

こちらのFURLA yogaのサイトには重要な情報が沢山のっています。例えば、産後ヨガはハイハイする前の赤チャンしか参加できません。FURLAに行く前は、事前にサイトで確認してくださいね :)!

  • 住所: 〒107-0061 東京都港区北青山3-5-20
  • その他詳しい情報はこちらのFURLA yoga ウェブサイトを参照してください


Carmelaは以前、東京プレグナンシーグループのコーディネーターをしてました。そして、5月にはこのブログのH&M マタニティファッション、9月にはハウスオブワンダリングシルクのスカーフやベビーブランケットの撮影にモデルとして協力してくれています。

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One thought on “FURLA Mummy & Baby Postnatal Yoga Class in Tokyo ママとベビーが参加できるヨガクラスFURLA

  1. Hello, TokyoUrbanBabies and Mums!
    Thanks for this GREAT posting for Hideko’s Postnatal Yoga Classes!
    We’re pleased to announce another great addition to our schedule, bilingual (English/Japanese) Postnatal Yoga classes, starting from May, 2013.
    Classes will be every Thursday from 10:30am-12pm.
    See the website for details.
    I hope to see you and your babies in class! (Reservations recommended; limited to 8 pairs per class)

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