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Brand New Kyoto Aquarium just opened! オープンしたばかりの京都水族館

Here is Tomoko’s post about her trip to the brand new Kyoto Aquarium! LOVE the photo with her baby and parents all dressed up. Hilarious! Tomoko – your father doesn’t look very impressed with his squid hat:)! Hehe.


This post will introduce about the brand new Kyoto Aquarium opened in March 2012.
Kyoto Aquarium, located in Umekouji Park near Kyoto station, is lovely and a great new to learn about the nature in Kyoto. There are many exhibitions about the Kamo liver running though Kyoto city and the Japan sea!

About Kyoto Aquarium

  • Very close to Kyoto Station!
  • It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to look around
  • Fantastic Dolphin Show!(you can see five-story pagota and Shinkansen from dolphin stadium!)
  • Backyard tour available! (Tour guide in Japanese)
  • 3 nursing rooms available!
  • Many toddler’s toilets and changing tables
  • Easy to walk around with stroller

They also have a photo shooting spot provided by Studio Alice, where you can borrow funny costumes to make your photo look FUN!

If you have a chance to visit Kyoto, the aquarium would be a great option for sightseeing with your baby and toddler!



  • 京都駅から近い
  • 見学時間は1時間半~2時間ほど
  • イルカのショーがある(五重塔や走り行く新幹線がバックに見えます)
  • バックヤードツアーがある
  • 授乳室が3箇所ある
  • 子供用トイレやおむつ交換台が充実している
  • ベビーカーでも見学しやすい



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