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6 Reasons for Loving the Bugaboo Bee – Stroller Reviews in Tokyo ベビーカーレビュー:バガブービーが好きな6つの理由

Here is an excellent review of the Bugaboo Bee for getting around Tokyo! Thank you Jennifer and Ella! Btw – Ella must be the calmest, well-behaved baby I’ve ever seen – she’s amazing how she sat so quietly during the filming:)! She must be really love her Bugaboo Bee just like her mum (^^)!

Jennifer’s 6 Reasons for Loving the Bugaboo Bee:

  1. Perfect for train travel – just fits through the ticket gate at stations in Tokyo
  2. Lots of storage space
  3. Enjoy all four seasons in Tokyo – including foot muffs, sun canopy, and rain cover
  4. Different seat positions – from lying position for newborns or changing nappies, to upright positions for use as a high chair
  5. Safety features – handstrap provides reassurance while walking up and down steep slopes in Tokyo, and foot break is easy to use and keeps the pram steady on the train
  6. Fits all sizes and styles – extendable handle perfect for tall parents, and wide range of accessories in different colours and designs makes the Bugaboo Bee customizable for everyone’s style!


Jennifer and her Bugaboo Bee in Tokyo


Jenniferがバガブー ビーを好きな6つの理由:

  1. 電車に乗りやすい – 都内の改札口、どこでもすんなり入れます
  2. 荷物入れが大きい
  3. 季節問わず楽しめる – フットマフ、日よけ、レインカバーがついてます
  4. 座席の位置が変えられる – リクライニングをすべて倒せば新生児に、あるいはオムツを替えるときに便利。リクライニングをあげれば椅子としても使えます。
  5. 安全性に富んでいる – 坂道を歩く時に便利なハンドストラップ、足で簡単に操作できるブレーキなど
  6. どんなサイズにもスタイルにも合う – ハンドル部分は伸縮するので、背が高い両親でも大丈夫。ベビーカー用のアクセサリーも色や種類がたくさんあって、きっとお気に入りのスタイルが見つかります。


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2 thoughts on “6 Reasons for Loving the Bugaboo Bee – Stroller Reviews in Tokyo ベビーカーレビュー:バガブービーが好きな6つの理由

  1. Rachel Chen says:

    Great review Jennifer and Kate! It makes me want to trade in my Maclaren Techno XLR! I love that it faces to ways and that the basket is so easy to access. Ella looks so cute in it and Jennifer definitely looks very stylish pushing it.

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