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Interview with Katie Van Camp, author of Harry and Horsie children’s books! 有名な絵本「ハリーアンドホーシー」の著者、ケイティ・ヴァン・キャンプさんにインタビューを行いました!

You may have seen the photos posted recently on our Facebook Page about our interview with Katie Van Camp, author of the popular “Harry and Horsie” children’s books?! Here it is!

We met Katie recently through our mutual friend Anna, and after a meeting at Helianthus baby cafe and lots of emails later, we are excited to announce we will be selling the Harry and Horsie adventure series, Horsie Doll and T-Shirts on our Online Shop!

Click on the video below to see the interview with Katie!

You will LOVE Harry and Horsie! The first time I read it to my baby we were both drawn in by the super cute adventure story about Harry and his best friend Horsie, not to mention the cool retro illustrations. The sequel “CookieBot! A Harry and Horsie Adventure” is just as cute!

Katie’s inspiration for writing Harry and Horsie came from when she was a nanny for a young boy named Harry (son of David Letterman!) in New York City. Over 20,000 copies of the book have already been sold worldwide, and Katie has recently been approached to make Harry and Horsie into a movie! Can’t wait!!


  • GIVEAWAY! Katie will Giveaway CookieBot! and a Horsie Doll to Tokyo Urban Baby readers! The Giveaway will be posted tomorrow, so make sure you enter to win!
  • CHRISTMAS PARTY! For your chance to meet Katie, come to the Tokyo Urban Baby Christmas Party on Wed 12th December! Katie will make a guest appearance between 11am-12:00noon, and will be available to sign your personal copy of Harry and Horsie or Cookiebot!

Fan made animation of Harry and Horsie – cute images from the book!

Official Trailer for CookieBot! A Harry and Horsie Adventure




ハリーアンドホーシー、オススメです!はじめてこの絵本を子供に読んだ時、レトロでかっこいいイラストよりも、このとてもかわいいハリーとベストフレンドのホーシーの冒険話にすっかり夢中になってしまいました。ハリーアンドホーシーの続編、 “クッキーボット!ハリーとホーシーの大冒険”は本当にキュートなの!



  • プレゼント!ケイティより、絵本:クッキーボットとホーシーのぬいぐるみを東京アーバンベイビーの読者に抽選でプレゼント!プレゼントの応募方法は明日お知らせするので、是非応募してくださいね!
  • クリスマスパーティー! 12月12日に行う東京アーバンベビーのクリスマスパーティでケイティに会えます!11時~12時までパーティに参加し、ハリーアンドホーシーの商品をお買い上げいただいた方でご希望の方には商品に彼女のサインをいれてもらえます!




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