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How to make baby milk formula in Japan

A question that is often asked by new mothers in Japan is what formula does everyone use, and how to make it!?!

Here is a demonstration we filmed at the recent Akachan Honpo tour on how to make bottled milk using formula in Japan, as well as handy hints when out and about in Tokyo! Thank you Tomoko!

4 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1 – Measure formula (usually 2 spoonfuls makes 40ml)
  • Step 2 – Add hot water to half volume (20ml) and swirl until formula dissolved. Note: hot water should be >70 degrees celcius.
  • Step 3 – Add cold water (20ml) and swirl/mix.
  • Step 4 – Check temperature by shaking drop onto inside of wrist.

Products used in demo:

  • Bean Stalk “Sukoyaka” milk formula (tin)
  • Bean Stalk “Tsuyoi-ko” – milk formula sachets (1 sachet makes 100ml)
  • Meiji Hohoemi “Raku Raku Cube” – cubes of milk formula (1 cube makes 40ml)

To read what formula other mothers in Tokyo are using, click here.


先日、 アカチャン本舗ツアーにいったときに、ミルクの作り方についてデモを行った時の模様を動画にまとめたのでお送りします!


  • その1 – ミルクを測る(専用スプーン2杯、40ml分を今回は使用)
  • その2 – お湯を半分(20ml)入れて、ミルクを溶かします。重要:お湯は70℃以上のものを使います
  • その3 – 湯冷ましを入れて(20ml)よく混ぜます
  • その4 – 手首の内側に1滴たらして温度を確認します


  • ビーンスターク”すこやか
  • ビーンスターク “つよいこ” – 1袋で100ml作れます
  • 明治乳業 “楽々キューブ” – キューブ型のミルク、1個で40ml分作れます


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19 thoughts on “How to make baby milk formula in Japan

  1. Michelle Chan says:

    Hello there! I was searching on Google and stumbled upon your blog. I am trying to find out where will I be able to get milk formula, diapers and wet wipes. You see, I will be traveling to Japan next week and I am worried if I will run out of my supply. The last time I was in Tokyo, I had to look high and low for them and managed to find some in Isetan and they have very low stock.

    Thanks in advance and keep blogging!

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for your email! That’s exciting you will be visiting Japan!

      The easiest places to buy milk formula, diapers and wet wipes in Tokyo city are at drug stores (pharmacies). When you arrive, if you ask the hotel front desk where is the closest drug store, they should be able to point you in the right direction or show you on the map.

      Here are some previous posts showing some photos:ミルクの作り方.html

      Hope this helps and have a great trip!

      Best Wishes,

  2. Derek says:


    I have a question about the temperature. Is there any reason that the temperature should be/must be over 70C? I usually do it roughly by pouring some hot and cold water together. Can it be lower than 70C? The water just needs to melt the powder right? Or am I wrong? Any information about the temperature would be great.



    1. Kate says:

      Hi Derek, Thanks for your message. I asked Tomoko about your question and here is her answer:

      It is recommended to use water more than 70 degrees for making formula milk with 2 reasons:
      1 – To melt the powder easily
      2 – For safety for baby, as the hot water can help kill any bacteria that may be present
      That is why the Japanese Ministry of Health recommends to use hot water more than 70 degrees to make formula milk.

      Here is some further information on Baby Center:

      Hope this helps!
      Best wishes, Kate

  3. Ton says:

    Hello guys,

    I need some help and advices. me and my wife just bought a can of Meiji Step formulated milk (820g). And then, upon searching on the net for the english translation of its instruction for its preparation, some of the results were about the contamination of radiation on their products. Now we are worried if we would still use the milk or just dump it (because we already opened it). Do some of you still buy these Meiji particularly this Meiji Step? If yes, please share or teach us on how to prepare this milk for babies 2-3yrs old.

    (on vacation here in nagasaki and just ran out of stock of the usual milk we use for our child)

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Kate says:

      HI Ton,

      Thanks for your message. The contamination of the Meiji formula milk was reported just after the earthquake in 2011, but since then there have been no problems and no media reports of any contamination. If you are still worried, there are other formula milks available in Japan. Here is a post on Tokyo Urban Baby (one year after the earthquake) about which formula milk mothers use in Japan:

      Hope this helps and have a wonderful trip with your family!
      Kate xx

      1. Ton says:

        Good day to all!

        Thanks Kate for your reply, we really appreciate it and it helped us to decide!

        Thanks again… happy Mother’s day, and to all mother’s out there! 🙂

        -Ton, Elly and Evan

  4. Audrey says:

    Hello There, this is my first time using meiji hohoemi 800 gr.. And Iam rather confused to find the water comparison that Use to the milk powder, for example how much milk spion do i need to make 160 ml milk ?
    Thank u

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Audrey, Thanks for your message. Could you please take a photo of the instructions on your milk formula and send it to me? I will take a look at the Japanese instructions so I can try to help with translation. Kate

  5. Kristen says:

    Hello. I bought some Beanstalk formula for a future trip back to the states. I was planning to mix with Babies R Us Bottled Baby Water as I don’t want to use hot water from the plane (I heard there are many germs). Is room temperature baby water ok to make formula with?

  6. Iris says:

    Hello, I’m a new mom in Japan, unfortunately I don’t speak Japanese. I recently had a baby that drinks formula. My husband is Japanese and he speaks very little English. We have been feeding our baby formula with hot water at 70 Celsius only. I don’t know if it’s fine to feed her with hot water, since Im not aware of the customs in Japan. My husband says the doctor approved to feed her with hot water at 70 Celsius. I for one think it’s way to hot for her but I have fed her for a month now. Is it fine to continue or not? In America we feed babies with water around 37 Celsius.

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Iris, Thank you for your email and congratulations on the birth of your baby. Regarding bottle feeding, it is my understanding that after adding hot water, the bottle needs to be cooled before feeding baby. This is the same in any country. See this article here (step 12):
      Hope this helps and all the best!

  7. Jack says:

    Hi Kate, my wife is interested in purchasing the Meiji Hohoemi Raku-raku tablet infant formula product from Japan. Just wondering if they sell this in most of the convenient stores or do we have to go to specific places to purchase?
    And also, do you happen to know the retail pricing for this product?

  8. Jean Chen says:

    Hello, I would like to use the Beanstalk follow on formula (9 months to 3 years old).

    Are the formula instructions the same? I cannot read Japanese.


    1. Kate says:

      Hi Jean!

      Thank you for your email.

      Each formula can have slightly different instructions, so I recommend to ask the shop staff how to read the instructions.

      Usually the shop staff can explain by writing the instructions down on paper for you. I think this is the safest way to make sure you can confirm the correct instructions.

      Best wishes!

  9. Maria Cospito says:

    Hello, we are about to travel to Japan with a 5 months old and I would like to know which water do you use to make baby formula.
    In Italy we use some specific mineral water breads with low concentration of minerals.

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Maria, in Japan it is common to use filtered water or normal tap water (heated to the correct temperature to make formula). I haven’t seen special mineral water for formula in Japan. Hope this helps! Best wishes, Kate

  10. Katherine says:

    Hi! I’ll be traveling to Japan in January with an 11 month old baby and I’m wondering where I can buy distilled water for my son to drink. I’ve been researching and I mostly read that its hard to find distilled water in Japan. What a safe alternative water he can drink?

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Katherine, you can buy regular distilled water in the supermarket. Some of the baby shops like Akachan Honpo have special distilled water for babies. I recommend to try there!

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