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Tips on what to pack in hospital bag for caesarian birth in Japan – 予定帝王切開での出産時に必要なものリスト

Here is an interview with my friend Yumi on the weekend about what she has packed in her hospital bag for caesarian birth in Japan. This is Yumi’s second caesarian, so it was a great opportunity to talk with her! Thank you so much Yumi and can’t wait to see your new baby!!!

Yumi’s list:

  • Hospital textbook about birth
  • Hospital admission documents
  • Documents for her work (employer)
  • Hanko
  • Pens
  • Boshi teccho (Mother & Baby Health Handbook)
  • Health Insurance card and other important documentation
  • Mobile phone
  • Money – to buy any extra items such as slippers or drinks
  • Watch
  • 2-3 Pajamas – long dress-style pajamas from Muji Maternity wear and Wacoal Japan (both summer and winter types just in case)
  • Cotton tops with button up front, to be used as an extra layer under pajamas in case hospital is cold
  • 3-4 special underpants for birth with buttoned crotch that can be opened so easy to change sanitary pads
  • Socks and leg warmers, just in case hospital is cold
  • Cotton nursing bras that open at the front, so easy to get on and off, and easy to breastfeed
  • Nursing pads
  • 5-6 Gauze handkerchiefs for use when breastfeeding (these are commonly used in Japan to express a little milk onto before breastfeeding)
  • Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cup
  • Hairband for covering messy hair:)! In some hospitals you’re not allowed to shower until about 4-5 days after caesarian, so hair can get very dirty and messy. Handy to have a wide hairband to hide it under, especially when family and friends come to visit!
  • Heat pad for warming neck and shoulders (Yumi’s heat pad can be heated in the microwave for 2 min)
  • Tissues
  • Plastic bags to put used clothes in (handy when asking family to wash your clothes, as in hospital for a week after birth)
  • Clothes for mum and baby for going home:)
Thank you so much Yumi! We wish you all the best with your birth and can’t wait to see photos of your beautiful new baby!!! 




  • 病院から配布された出産についての小冊子
  • 入院時に必要な病院の書類諸々
  • 勤務先に提出する必要書類諸々
  • ハンコ
  • 筆記用具
  • 母子手帳
  • 保険証などの書類
  • 携帯電話
  • 小銭(ちょっとしたモノや飲み物を買うためのもの)
  • 時計
  • パジャマを2、3着(無印良品のマタニティパジャマと、ワコールのものを。いずれも長めのタイプ。念のため夏冬兼用のものを。
  • 寒さ対策のため、パジャマの下に着る肌着。前開きタイプ。
  • 産褥ショーツを3、4枚。
  • 寒さ対策のため、靴下とレッグウォーマーを。
  • 綿の授乳ブラジャー。フロントホックタイプで授乳がしやすい。
  • 授乳パット/li>
  • ガーゼのハンカチを5、6枚。授乳前に少し搾乳するときに使います。
  • 洗面用具
  • ヘアーバンド。乱れた髪をまとめるため。帝王切開の術後4、5日しないとシャワーに入れません。なので、ベタベタする髪をまとめるのに便利。
  • 首や肩をあたためるためのパット。電子レンジで2分温めるタイプのものでした。
  • ティッシュ
  • 洗濯物をいれる袋
  • 退院時に着る服。ママとベビーの分。

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