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4 Tips for Baby-Proofing Your Apartment in Japan – 日本賃貸住宅でベビーを危険から守るための4つの秘訣

Here are 4 tips for baby-proofing your apartment in Japan, using Japanese consent caps, stick-on door locks, and table corner guards. All of these items were bought from Also there is an extra handy hint at the end to lock your stove. There are many other important steps for improving the safety of your apartment, which can be found with a quick search on the internet. These are just a few tips, particularly the stick-on door locks for rental apartments in Japan!

Here are the items I bought on Amazon:

  • Miffy consent caps – don’t know why they have Miffy on them – wouldn’t this attract the baby to the consent even more?! Very cute though, and working well so far.
  • Stick-on door locks (large and small types) – these are great as they very strong, but can also be removed if you move apartments in the future. Designed for doors with curved edges, or to wrap around the side of the cupboard to prevent baby from opening drawers.
  • Table corner guards – these come in a range of colours to suit the colour of your furniture.
  • Other stick-on door locks – these are designed for kitchen cupboards which have straight edges (not curved). My kitchen cupboards had curves around the edges, so I had to use the other type above.

Hope this helps with baby-proofing your apartment:)!







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