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Tokyo Maternity Fashion – interview with second-time-mum Jun about her maternity style!

Our fourth post in the special series on Tokyo Maternity Fashion – interviews with expecting mums on the streets of Tokyo about their maternity style, where they buy maternity clothes, and advice for other mums-to-be!

Today’s interview is with second-time-mum Jun, looking super cute in a black tunic over black H&M tights and gold ballet flats. I first met Jun in Otoya restaurant in Jiyugaoka, looking gorgeous in a lemon sleeveless top and leggings. We decided to meet up again for lunch once she started maternity leave – here are some photos that we took:)!

Jun looking super cute in a black tunic, black H&M tights and gold ballet flats

Jun and I catching up over tea and cake:)

1. How many months pregnant are you?


I am now 35 weeks (almost 10 months).

2. Where do you buy your maternity clothes?


Basically, I haven’t bought any maternity wear because I thought it was a waste of money
if I was only going to wear it for one year. I bought only a few stretch bottoms at the
maternity products’ online shop like ‘Bell Maison‘.

3. How would you describe your maternity style?


Basically, I wear tunics (long tops) over tights. I also like to wear maxi-dresses with sandals.

4. Advice for other pregnant mums about buying/wearing maternity wear?


I think it is a good idea to buy normal clothing like big tops and large dresses instead of buying maternity wear. It feels great to be able to keep your favourite fashion style even when you’re pregnant. My favourite fashion brands are Spick and Span, Tommorow land, H&M, and Ron Herman.

Thank you Jun! Excellent advice about buying your favourite fashion items in larger sizes, so you can stay true to your fashion style while not breaking the bank:)!

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One thought on “Tokyo Maternity Fashion – interview with second-time-mum Jun about her maternity style!

  1. Joey says:

    I really love her style. So chic and cute! Will remember for the next baby 🙂

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