Meguro Area, Nursing Rooms reviews

Meguro Station Atre – Nursing rooms & beautiful rooftop garden!

Having a baby has really opened my eyes to the wonderful rooftop gardens in Tokyo that I never knew existed. Before having a baby, I only ever looked at street level and never realised the secret gardens hidden on the top of these buildings. It is only now that I actively go and seek out the nursing rooms that I chance upon these amazing oases. The rooftop of Meguro Atre is no exception – a gorgeous garden with green grass, trees and wooden chairs and tables to relax on. The extra excitement is that it was empty! My baby and I basically had the whole rooftop garden to ourselves:)

Meguro Atre Nursing Room (A Building – Rootop):

  • 3 x baby change tables
  • 2 x Private nursing rooms
  • Waiting chair
  • Hot water for making formula
  • Sink
  • Garbage bin
  • My rating 6/10! Big, spacious and very clean

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