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How to ask to heat up baby food in microwave at convenience store in Japanese

This is a quick sequel to the previous post on How to heat baby food in microwave while traveling in Japan.

Here is a video with some handy hints about how to ask staff at the convenience store to heat up your baby food in Japanese!

Key points:

Japanese language tips!

Can you please warm up my baby food in the microwave?
– In Japanese: Denshi renji de ching shite moraemasu ka?

  • Denshi renji = microwave
  • Ching = warm up (actually literally means the noise the microwave makes when it finishes!)

“Ching” is the key word, so if it is too difficult to say the whole sentence above in Japanese, just smile and point to your container of baby food and say “Baby food, ching?” and they should understand!!

Good luck!!

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