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Tokyo Maternity Fashion – Interview with Yumiko about where to buy maternity wear!

I spotted Yumiko at the supermarket yesterday looking absolutely stunning in her maternity dress, and decided to ask her if she could share her advice for finding stylish maternity wear in Tokyo. To my delight she said yes! Yumiko is actually already 9 months pregnant (or 10 months pregnant as they say in Japan) and due any day, so I was super impressed that she was up and about doing last minute shopping and preparing for her big day!

Yumiko looking gorgeous in her maternity dress from “More of Me”

Where did you buy your gorgeous maternity dress?

The dress I wear today is from “More of Me“. “More of Me” is one of my favorite maternity fashion brands. But they don’t have shops in Japan – I bought it on an online shop carrying imported items, like Virina Maternity and K&Maternity. (Maybe you already know about Virina. They have a shop in Hiroo.)

I bought my dress I wear today in “K&Maternity” online shop. K&Maternity is only an online shop, but the price is lower than Virina I think.

Where do you usually buy your maternity wear?

Most of my maternity wear are imported items bought through online shops. But as you know, imported items are more expensive than the original price, so once I bought some dresses from More of Me directly via e-mail.

I have also bought some maternity wear from the “Solregaro” online shop.

Also I often check “P-kuku by double standard clothing“. They carry maternity wear (“P-kuku by double standard clothing”) at “Double standard clothing” shop in Tamagawa Takashimaya.

Thank you so much Yumiko! This is great advice for expecting mums searching for maternity wear in Tokyo. I wish I knew about these shops when I was pregnant:)! I wish you all the best with your birth and and hopefully bump into you again soon so I can meet your beautiful new baby!!!

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One thought on “Tokyo Maternity Fashion – Interview with Yumiko about where to buy maternity wear!

  1. Tracy says:

    I also hit up Shimokitazowa for affordable flowing empire waisted dresses and tops, paired with maternity jeans and leggings from old navy. h and m has maternity wear too, on-line.
    Affordable and stylish. I was very happy.

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