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My baby is in Baby-mo magazine! “Nappy research”

My baby is in the September issue of the Japanese “Baby-mo” magazine! I registered my baby as a Baby-mo model a few months ago, and last month they sent me a questionnaire about which nappies my baby uses for their upcoming September issue on ‘nappy research’. I filled out the questionnaire (with help from my friend Tomoko! Thank you!), but hadn’t heard back from them, so when I was at the bookstore yesterday I remembered to check the magazine and there he was! Very exciting! His photo is in the section ‘Reasons why you changed to a larger nappy for your baby’. My reason was because his nappies were getting too tight and his poo was coming out the back! Hehe.

If others living in Japan would also like to register their baby as a ‘Baby-mo model’, you will find the application form on the last page of the Baby-mo magazine. You can fill in the application form by hand and send into the magazine with photos of your baby, or alternatively you can send it in by email (much easier!). It is all in Japanese though, so if you can’t speak the language ask a friend for help:)!


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2 thoughts on “My baby is in Baby-mo magazine! “Nappy research”

  1. Jenny says:

    I would like to register my baby as a model! What email do I send pictures to!? Thank you!

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Jenny! There is a contact email in the baby magazines – if you go to the bookstore and check the baby magazines, there is usually a contact email at the front or the back where you can send in your details. x Kate

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