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Aprica Sorariaについて – ベビーカーレビュー in TokyoHow to use the Aprica Soraria Pram – Stroller reviews in Tokyo

Tokyo Urban Babyでは、様々なシリーズを提供しています。 東京マタニティファッションベビーとの旅行、そして日本食のベビーフードの作り方。今日はもうひとつ、新しいシリーズを紹介します。ベビーカーレビューin Tokyoです!

今回新しく加わった、ベビーカーレビューIn Tokyoでは、実際に東京でベビーカーを使っているママ達からの率直な感想や使い方のアドバイスを掲載していきます。ママになる人たちが、ベビーカーを選ぶ際に少しでもお役に立てれば光栄です。

最初のレビューはAprica Sorariaについて、Annaがインタビューに答えてくれました。ハンドルの位置を変えることで、簡単に赤ちゃんのポジションを変えられるのがいいですね。ありがとう、Anna!

Review of the Aprica Soraria pram by Anna in Tokyo

We have a number of special series happening on Tokyo Urban Baby including Tokyo Maternity Fashion, Traveling with a Baby, and How to Cook Japanese Baby Food. Well, today we add another to the list – Stroller Reviews in Tokyo!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to buy a pram as there are so many varieties and so many things to consider, such as size, weight, and whether it can fully recline for a newborn baby. Add on top of this the need to consider getting on the trains and navigating the busy streets of Tokyo, and it can become quite a headache trying to make a decision on which is the best pram for you!!! Hopefully this special series on Stroller Reviews in Tokyo, where real mums in Tokyo give honest reviews about their prams and tips on how to use them, will make it easier for other new mums to make a decision:)

First up, how to use the Aprica Soraria pram, by Anna in Tokyo. Anna gives some great tips on how to use the Aprica. I particularly love the idea of the swinging handle, so you can easily change position! Thank you Anna!

Review of the Aprica Soraria pram by Anna in Tokyo

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6 thoughts on “Aprica Sorariaについて – ベビーカーレビュー in TokyoHow to use the Aprica Soraria Pram – Stroller reviews in Tokyo

  1. Joey says:

    i really have stroller envy. Ours is not all suited to train travel albeit comfortable and I really have been eyeing Apricas for ages. Very popular make here in Japan. Great video keep em coming!

    1. kate says:

      Thanks Joey! I see a lot of parents tossing up between the Aprica, the Maclaren or the Combi as a lightweight fold-up stroller for getting around Tokyo. Maybe we should put them to the test!

      1. Joey says:

        Akachan Honpo time!

  2. Tina says:

    Please do more reviews!

    I have a newborn (currently using hand-me-down stroller that I don’t love) and would like to buy a new one.

    Btw…how long can a Type A stroller be used?

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Tina! Thanks for your message. We will try and do more reviews:)! In terms of when to change from a Type A to Type B stroller, I think it depends on the baby and how interested they are in their surroundings. For my baby, I remember at 7 months age he started to get tired of sitting in the stroller facing backwards, and was really having some meltdowns where he refused to go into the stroller. So I turned it around to Type B style and voila! He suddenly started loving the stroller again. Friends of mine had their baby in Type A until 12 months and the baby was perfectly happy too. So I think just watch your baby’s behaviour and listen to what he/she wants, and then I am sure you will know when is the right time:)

  3. rs says:

    Hey Kate,

    We surely need more reviews!

    I have a 9mo. I had a bulky hands me down stroller until now and planning to buy a new one at the moment.

    Shall I just buy the Type B now or is it ok to go for Type A (primarily using it as type B style facing outwards).

    I seem to like type A lot better and the newer models have really good sunshade protection and are just as lightweight. But these are almost double the price of Type B.

    What do you suggest?


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