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How to get to Meguro Public Pool in Tokyo with a baby

Need to escape the summer heat in Tokyo? Why not go to Meguro Public Pool! Here is a quick video showing you how to get there, how to buy a ticket, and some other handy hints:)

Meguro Public Pool is located just a 10 min walk from Meguro Station.

Address: 2-4-36 Meguro, Tokyo 153-0063, Japan (See MAP)


  • When you exit the station, walk down Meguro Dori to the west
  • Walk down the hill and you will pass Starbucks on the left. Keep walking until you get to river.
  • When you get to the river, walk over the bridge and turn right
  • Walk alongside the river going north and you will see Meguro Public Pool on your left.

Opening times:

  • NOTE: the outdoor pools are not open all-year round. The outdoor 50 meter and baby pools are open from 1st July – 10th September.
  • Opening times:
  • Baby pool is open from 10am-5pm
  • 50 meter pool is open from 10am-8pm


  • 100 yen for baby pool (1 adult + a baby) for the first 2 hours, 70yen for every hour after that
  • 200 yen for 50 meter pool for the first 2 hours, 150yen for every hour after that

Rules for baby pool:

Don’t forget to check the pool rules! Public pools in Japan have ALOT of rules, so important to take note of them. See this pdf in English for a comprehensive list of rules of the pool.

  • Babies and children up to 2nd year elementary school (about 10 years age) are allowed in the baby pool
  • Babies are required to wear swimming-nappies (babies wearing a regular disposable nappy or no nappy are not allowed in the pool)
  • For every child, one adult can enter the pool for free (so 100yen for 1 Baby + 1 Adult)
  • All children younger than 2nd year elementary school have to be accompanied by a guardian of no younger than middle-high school student (so guardian has to be older than about 16 years)
  • Guardians can enter the pool with up to 2 children (2 guardians are required for 3 children)
Have fun!

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