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Tokyo Urban Baby – 6 month Blog Statistics

As of this week Tokyo Urban Baby has been running for 6 months! Very exciting!

Tokyo Urban Baby has grown A LOT over these 6 months since it was created – it initially started as a resource for baby nursing rooms in Tokyo, and now has expanded to include traveling advice for parents with babies in Japan, baby food cooking shows, maternity fashion, and much much more! The biggest highlight for me was the H&M Maternity Fashion photo shoot, which was SO much fun and such a wonderful opportunity. It also was THE most popular post in the Tokyo Urban Baby statistics, which shows that everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!

I would like to say a BIG thank you to all the readers of Tokyo Urban Baby for their ongoing feedback and support, and to everyone who has contributed to the blog posts and shared their experience of having a baby in Tokyo!

There are many more exciting posts coming up, so stay tuned and I hope you continue to enjoy Tokyo Urban Baby!

Blog statistics

– Over 20,000 pageviews

– 83 YouTube videos

– 108 Followers on Facebook

– Most popular posts:

  1. H&M Maternity Fashion Photo Shoot
  2. H&M Maternity Wear Giveaway
  3. Daylight Kitchen baby-friendly cafe in Shibuya
  4. Japanese breast feeding video
  5. Vera Bradley bags – perfect baby bag for summer in Tokyo
  6. Oketani Method of Breast Massage
  7. Map of baby-friendly places in Tokyo
  8. How to lose weight after birth in Tokyo
  9. How to make Japanese baby food – tips on buying ingredients
  10. Tokyo Love Show – Keep a Breast Foundation



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