Maternity fashion in Tokyo
Maternity Fashion

Tokyo Maternity Fashion – Interview with Ai Erikawa!

Special series introducing stylish mums-to-be from the streets of Tokyo.

Today’s interview: Ai Erikawa

1. How many months pregnant are you?

8 months

2. Where do you buy your maternity wear?

With my first pregnancy, I bought my maternity clothing at the outlet mall and Nishimatsuya. This website doesn’t have English, but it has a specialty clothes shop for children from 0 to 11 years and maternity wear. I also shopped at BabiesRus and Akachan-Honpo.

I feel different though now with my second pregnancy, as I haven’t put on as much weight as I did with my first. This time around, I have to buy the smaller sizes of maternity wear. I like shopping online, especially at BELLE MAISON. This site is very reasonable so I think it’s a good way to find items that you need.

3. How would you describe your maternity style?

I developed very sensitive skin with my second pregnancy, so I have been buying soft clothes. Also, I find I sweat very well so I buy XL size of the “AIRism” inner wear by UNIQLO.

Why I choose XL size? Because I can wear it until my last month of pregnancy. I have also bought a maxi-dress in large size that I can also use easily for breastfeeding.

4. Advice for other expecting mothers?

You have to think about spending price – how many kids do you want in the future, and depending on your weight gain and breastfeeding and season (when will you give birth?). With my first baby, I gained 17kg, but right now I have only gained 3kg in the 8 months of my second (expected delivery is in early October this year). If the future is unpredictable, just be happy to enjoy shopping now:)! For me, it has been 4 years since my first baby was born as we had trouble getting pregnant again. We had treatment for infertility, and now pregnant with our second baby. So now, I do not want to wear maternity wear from over four years ago. When I fell pregnant with my second baby, I threw away all my maternity wear because, personally, I strongly wanted to turn over a new leaf.

I love very low price and fast fashion!! So when I buy maternity wear I tend not think about the future, but just enjoy shopping and enjoy my maternity life now!

Lastly, my advice for pregnant mums is to buy your maternity wear at a big shop because you can easily choose you want:)








1番初 めの妊娠の時は、食べづわり傾向だったのが今の2番目の妊娠は今でも吐きづわりが続いているので、小さいサイズのマタニティウェアを買わないといけなくなりました。




なぜXLサイズを選ぶのかというと臨月まで着 られるからです。(この生地良く伸びるので10㎏体重増加してもいけますw)



私は不妊治療で2番目の子が授かるまで4年かかりました。私は4年以上前のマタニティ洋服を着たいと思えなかったので、妊娠がわかったらすぐさま全部捨ててしまいました。心機一転したかったのも理由のひとつですが、 、、w



Thank you so much Ai-san and all the best with your pregnancy!!!

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