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Tokyo Maternity Fashion – advice from stylish mums-to-be on the streets of Tokyo!

New series on Tokyo Maternity Fashion!

Traditionally maternity wear in Japan has been quite conservative (just go and look at the maternity wear section in any Akachan Honpo or shopping center in Japan and you will see what I mean!). However, in recent years a trend has been growing among expecting Japanese mothers for more stylish clothing that is both flattering and elegant. It is not easy to find this stylish maternity wear in Japan though, as I experienced first-hand last year! I luckily found what I was looking for at H&M, which I blogged about previously here. However I am still curious about where Japanese mums-to-be shop, especially as I see so many stylish pregnant women out and about in Tokyo!

So, I decided to hit the streets of Tokyo and ask these stylish mums-to-be about their favourite places to shop, their secrets for finding maternity wear in Japan, their style, and their advice for other expecting mums!

Stay tuned for our first interview tomorrow morning with 2nd-time mum-to-be Ai Erikawa!


TOKYOマタニティファッション ステキママからのファッションアドバイス






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One thought on “Tokyo Maternity Fashion – advice from stylish mums-to-be on the streets of Tokyo!

  1. Rachel Greene says:

    I am loving the fact that you are doing some posts in both English and Japanese. From a Japanese language study standpoint, it is great for me! Also, I would suspect it is widening your audience potential as well. You keep rocking, Kate! Regarding the topic of this post, I have been curious where these stylish pregnant women have been shopping. You are revealing a mystery to me.

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