Baby friendly places, Futako-Tamagawa area, Nursing Rooms reviews

Rooftop garden and baby rooms at Takashimaya department store, Futako-Tamagawa

Some department stores in Tokyo have the most amazing rooftop terraces and gardens which you would never realise were there unless you went looking for them. Takashimaya at Futako-Tamagawa is one of them! My friend Sharee told me about this one (thanks Sharee!), so last week I went to have a look and was amazed at how green and child-friendly it was! Takashimaya also has a baby room on the 5th Floor, as well as a play area with carpeted floor and toys, which is a great place for your baby to have some time out of the pram and stretch his legs. Highly recommend visiting next time you are in Futako-Tamagawa!

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