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Navigating Shibuya Station with a Pram – How to Find the Elevators!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt completely lost in Shibuya Station! Before my baby was born it was easy to navigate my way around, but now that I have a baby and a pram, I’ve discovered Shibuya Station is not very user-friendly! It is VERY hard to find the elevators, even if you look at the map:-)! So, here are three videos to help fellow parents who are commuting with prams, people with suitcases going to Narita Airport, or anyone who needs to find the elevators in Shibuya Station:-)!

Video 1:
– How to get to the JR Yamanote-Line
– How to transfer from Platform 1 to Platform 2
– How to get to Platforms 3 & 4 for the Narita Express train

Video 2 – How to transfer from the JR Yamanote-Line to Tokyo Metro Ginza Line

Video 3 – How to transfer from the JR Yamanote-Line to Tokyu Toyoko-Line

Hope this helps you to get from A to B in Shibuya Station! And a BIG THANK YOU to Jennifer and Ella for helping me with the filming! I couldn’t have done it without you:-)!

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2 thoughts on “Navigating Shibuya Station with a Pram – How to Find the Elevators!

  1. Kate says:

    Hi Everyone! Just an update to this post – the Tokyu Toyoko Line has now changed. As of March 2013, the station for Tokyu Toyoko Line is now underground (underneath Shibuya Station). The best way to get out to street-level with a pram is to catch the elevator up to Hikarie Department Store. There is also a new baby nursing room on B2 Floor of Hikarie – a great place to rest and get organised before hitting the streets of Shibuya!

  2. Shirley says:

    Thanks for this! A little stressed out since I usually stay in Asakusa, but decided to stay Shibuya this round. Its nice to know that I will be able to use the elevators (confusing!!!) with my suitcases. Now I just need to find them 😛

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