Pram / stroller, Train travel in Japan

Navigating Japan with a pram – how to ask for help up stairs in train stations in English

One of the biggest worries of parents living in Japan with a baby, and of those planning to travel to Japan with their baby, is whether it is possible to navigate the train stations with a pram. Some train stations in Japan don’t have elevators or escalators, so it can be quite daunting when you are confronted with a big set of stairs, especially if you are on your own and have heavy bags! If you are able to, you can always carry the pram with baby inside on your own. Alternatively, you can ask the train staff for help!

I have posted about how to ask train station staff for help with pram up the stairs¬†previously, however I spoke into the intercom in Japanese and I think some readers think that they have to speak in Japanese in order for the train staff to understand. Here is another video of the same process, but in English! Remember, pram is called “Baby Car” in Japanese, so make sure you say this clearly into the intercom and then they will understand and come and help you!

Stairs at Kikuna Train Station in Japan

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