Japan Oketani breast massage for blocked milk ducts
Oketani breast massage

Interview with Oketani breast massage expert

Due to the popularity of my previous video which introduced the Japanese¬†Oketani breast massage for breast-feeding management, I decided to ask midwife Mayumi-san who runs the Oketani clinic in Daikanyama if she would let me interview her while she is doing the breast massage. To my excitement she said yes! I couldn’t find any videos showing the actual breast massage on the internet, so I think this is the first. And although I have chosen not to ‘bare all’, I hope the video gives other mums an idea what it is like:-)

Mayumi explains how she became a specialist in Oketani breast massage and the main reasons why mothers come for the breast massage – one of which is when the mother wishes to stop breastfeeding, for example when the baby turns 1 year old or when the mother needs to return to work. Mayumi gives some details about the Oketani method for stopping breastfeeding and how she can help mothers with the planning and expressing the milk over a period of time until the breasts have returned to normal.

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